What's in my wardrobe? / by Nathan Dalby


wardrobe-2 As the weather is getting increasingly worse in Manchester and it is way to cold to be taking photographs outside, I have decided to do a post showing you all the contents of my wardrobe! I love watching videos like this on Youtube and everybody loves having a nosey through peoples possessions, so here you go! I would also like to apologise for the quality of the photographs, lighting in my room isn't.


I keep all of my jackets and shirts hung up in my wardrobe, and my t-shirts and jumpers get folded up and put into the drawers so that I do not use unnecessary space. Underneath is where I keep all of my important things like boxes for my camera, and phones etc. I also like to keep all of my books and items that have sentimental value here so they are safe. At the front of my wardrobe I have my two bags which I keep stuffed in their dust-bags so that they stay in perfect condition. I also have all of my larger boxes which contain wallets or expensive jewellery. I like to display my little gift bags on top of my wardrobe to fill the small gap inbetween the ceiling and I personally think it looks quite cute. On the top shelf I also have a few Pop Vinyl's which I have been given as presents and also two Pusheen Plushes (seriously how amazing are they).


Next up is my favourite part of my wardrobe, my accessories drawer. This is where I keep all of my things that I use on a daily basis. I do not tend to buy expensive sunglasses as I break them so often so that is why I have so many pairs! Alot of them are from the brand 'Jeepers Peepers' so definitely check them out.

They have hundreds of different styles and are extremely cheap. I wear sunglasses basically everyday so that is why I need so many pairs. I have alot of Vivienne Westwood jewellery pieces so I keep those in this drawer and I like to put in my smaller boxes here so It is alot easier to put them away once I am doing using them. A lint roller is a must in any wardrobe because certain items pick up dust so easily! It sounds a little weird but I love arranging this drawer when I am bored, like I honestly just take everything out and then put it all back in a different place.


Underneath I have two large drawers which I keep all of my t-shirts and pants folded up. I also have a drawer which everything just gets thrown into, everybody has that one drawer in their house. Finally, on the bottom I have a little pull out rail to put my shoes on. Unfortunately it doesn't fit all of my shoes on which is why it looks quite messy, so I keep alot of my shoes in a different room.

If you would like me to do another post on something else in my room then please let me know!

Thank you for reading and I will be posting again soon!


Nathan Dalby.