Top Makeup Gifts For Mum With Debenhams! / by plasticloafer


Hi Guys! With Mother's Day just around the corner (26th March), Debenhams and I have teamed up to create a little guide to help you pick out the perfect beauty gift for your dear mother. The items that I have chosen are quite high end, as I think that it is the only day of the year that you truly need to spoil your mum and lets be honest, she deserves it! I imagine these to be standalone gifts, something special that will mean a lot to her. So with that, lets get into the presents!

The first item that I chose was the Laura Geller 'Delectable Delicious Shades of Nude' eyeshadow palette. This retails for £35 and contains 14 beautiful shades. I chose this because I think that it is a perfect everyday palette, you get 5 matte shades which are so smooth and pigmented and then you also have the rest of the shades which are either metallic or contain some shimmer and can transform any eye look. The great thing is that you don't need to dip into any other palettes you have, everything that you could wish for is in here. The neutral tones are great for a mother who loves makeup but likes to keep things simple, and natural + you do get a double ended brush which makes this handy for when you travel.

Next up is the Giorgio Armani 'Sepia' highlighting palette. This costs £60 and is stunning! It is different from a different highlighter as it doesn't really add a 'wet look' glow to the skin. It is more toned down and has such a beautiful glow within effect when applied. The packaging is so sleek and minimal, and really feels like a luxury item when you hold it. Technically this is a palette, so you can pick and choose from the two colours in the pan to either highlight or contour but my favourite way to use this is to use the little fan brush which comes in the box and to just lightly swipe over the whole pan. When you do that you can get a natural bronze glow that really lifts your skin and makes you look healthy and awake.

Who wouldn't want something from Chanel on Mother's Day? Here is the Chanel 'Coco Code' blush palette that costs £49. Personally, my partner and I collect Chanel limited edition palettes so we don't actually ever swatch or use them and this is one of my favourites! Like the Armani palette, you do get a little brush in the box which is perfect to apply blush. You can mix all of the shades together and sweep over the cheekbones for a warm glow or pick from each colour to create your own look. The two highlight shades in the pan are honestly amazing, and you can even use the cool toned brown powder to lightly contour. Imagine her face if she opened this up on Mother's Day?

Finally we have one of my Mum's favourite ever fragrances, Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb'. When I think of Mother's Day, I always have this in mind. She loves it, and even I am guilty of having a couple of spritzes now and then. This product ranges in price depending on whether you would like the 'Eau De Toilette' or 'Eau De Parfum', the parfum is a lot more concentrated and lasts longer on the skin but will set you back quite a bit more. So if you know your mum loves this fragrance then I do suggest the parfum, if you aren't sure and want to get her something that is new to her, then the toilette is perfect. With Debenhams current offer you actually get £10 off their favourite fragrance and skincare and I know that this one is included! Thinking about it, I might just keep this one for myself and get my mum a box of chocolates, can I do that?

I hope that this post has helped you get a couple of ideas for presents and if you are a mother and are reading this, take the day off and treat yourself to something special, you deserve it! Debenhams has millions of great ideas for gifts so check them out if you are still stuck and I'll see you guys in the next post!


Nathan Dalby