Too Faced Love Light Highlighters: First Impressions / by plasticloafer


Good Afternoon guys, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today I have all three of the brand new Too Faced 'Love light' highlighters, they have just launched in the UK along with a huge eyeshadow palette. Each highlighter costs £25 and are available in store at Debenhams and Selfridges. I did see them pop up online for a few days but for some reason they have disappeared? Im guessing they will be back up in the next week or so, so either pop in store to have a look now or just wait a little longer!

The three shades are; Ray of light (the peachy shade), Blinded by the light (the silvery white shade) and You light up my life (the gold shade). I had heard mixed things about all of these highlighters online, a lot of people said that they weren't pigmented at all while others said they were blinding and amazing. So I was a little put off by them but knew I would have to test them myself as I do like a soft glow every now and again. The packaging is the prettiest that I have ever seen, they remind me so much of little Polly Pockets but they do get covered in fingerprints quickly and the design printed onto the powder is like a geometric diamond kind of pattern which I love. But you aren't going to buy a highlighter because the packaging is cute are you? Lets be honest, I probably would.

After swatching them, I fell in love. As you can see in the photo above, they are really pigmented and shimmery so maybe there is just some bad batches of the highlighters? They do seem to contain a small amount of glitter, but not enough for them to come off powdery and there was no fallout when I was swatching. My favourite shade is Ray of light, which probably will be a tad to dark on my skintone but look how nice it is! You light up my life would be stunning for someone with a deeper complexion and Blinded by the light is perfect for me and my pale skin.

So overall I am really happy with the Love Light highlighters, the three that I received swatched really nicely and were really smooth and soft. The colours are gorgeous, and the packaging is literally to die for. If you are still on the fence then pop into a store and swatch them for yourself, I am sure you will fall in love.

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Nathan Dalby.