Tom Ford Soleil 2017: Sheer Highlighting Duo / by plasticloafer


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet up with one of the gorgeous PR girls from Tom Ford Beauty, Christina. I was introduced to a preview of the Summer 2017 Soleil collection and as soon as I sat down, I was obviously drawn to the highlighter. A lot of luxury brands have missed the mark with highlighters, and when you are paying that sort of money you really want something exceptional so when I swatched it and saw the pigment, I was hooked. Christina was lovely, she answered every single question with ease about the collection and honestly it just felt like I was having a catch up with a friend. There is nothing worse than meeting someone from a brand and it leaving a bad taste in your mouth, but after this I just wanted to go and buy everything.

The highlighter retails for £58/$78 (Selfridges/Sephora)and it comes in the beautiful Soleil style white and gold compact. You also get one of those little white sleeves for the compact which I don't think anybody actually uses, and inside are two highlighter pans. The shade name for this compact is 'Reflects Gilt' which kind of gives the impression that they could be adding more highlighters in future collections? I hope they do. The pan sizes are generous, and the quilted pattern is a nice contrast from the super sleek packaging.

The two highlighters unfortunately don't have names, but there is a stunning gold and a warm toned rosey copper shade. They do seem quite dark in the compact, but they are incredibly reflective and quite light once you swatch them, and they are buildable if you want something more intense. The gold suits my skin tone perfectly, whereas the rose shade would be gorgeous on someone with a deeper complexion.

The one thing I really appreciate about these highlighters is how shimmery they are, they don't come of glittery at all. This is a product that if you buy, you will use. It won't just sit in a drawer looking pretty for two years before you decide to sell it. Having owned this for a couple of days, I can already see it being one of my favourite products of the year so far.

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Nathan Dalby