Testing Drugstore Highlighters: Sleek Makeup / by plasticloafer


Happy Easter!! Today is Good Friday and the start of the Easter weekend so I hope you all have a lovely time and have a chance to relax with your friends and family. For todays post, we have the next instalment of my testing drugstore highlighters series with Sleek Makeup, which is one of my favourite cheaper brands. I am a huge fan of their colour correcting palette and cream products so I am actually really excited to do this post. Sleek do not offer a huge range of highlighters, only a little palette and an illuminator but each comes in a range of shades.

First up we have the highlighting palette which costs £10.00 and is available in four different shades. I could only manage to get my hands on three of them as they are impossible to get! They seem to be constantly sold out online so my best advice is to try your local Superdrug store and hopefully they will have the one you like in stock. These palettes went viral last year as everybody raved about the formula and pigmentation, and it seems like they are still just as popular. The three that I have are; Precious Metals (top), Solstice (middle) and Cleo's Kiss (bottom) and I have to say that I kind of believe the hype. Each palette contains a mixture of cream and powder highlights, that are extremely pigmented and blend out flawlessly. The packaging is metal and quite heavy which gives it a luxurious feel and overall these are just fantastic highlighters. The swatches below are Precious Metals, Solstice and then Cleo's Kiss as the bottom.

The other highlighting product that Sleek offers is the 'Barekissed Illuminator' which costs £8.99 and is available in four shades. I am a huge fan of the Nars liquid illuminators so I thought I would enjoy these but I was really disappointed. The first time I used the shade 'Cuba', it squirted like pure liquid pink water onto the back of my hand, so I shook the bottle for a good ten seconds and then tried again but the same thing happened. The third time I tried this, I managed to actually get the cream out of the bottle and once blended into the skin it just left a slight pink tint, there was nothing illuminating about it. I couldn't see any shimmer or glow, just a pink hue to my complexion which I didn't like at all. As you can see from the swatch below, it just doesn't really add anything.  I would give this product a miss personally, I haven't tried the other shades so I can't really speak for those so if you are still interested then I suggest going into store and swatching for yourself so you can have a play before you purchase.

I know that this was only a small post but I hope you enjoyed it! As always, please subscribe to my blog to keep up to date with posts and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby