Testing Drugstore Highlighters: NYX Cosmetics / by plasticloafer


NYX Cosmetics, would you count them as a drugstore brand? They are a little more expensive than the other brands that I have featured in this series but they are sold in Boots, so I feel like they do fit into the same category. The products that I have today are the 'Strobe of Genius' highlighting palette and all five shades of the 'Duo Chromatic' single illuminating powders. I know that they have a few other liquid and stick highlighters but I am saving those for a future post, so keep your eyes peeled!

I will start with the 'Duo Chromatic' powders that cost £9/$7.99 each and come in five different shades;

  • Synthetica - pink with gold duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Crushed Bloom - dusty rose with pink & blue duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Snow Rose - white with pink & lilac duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Twilight Tint - white with blue duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Lavender Steel - lavender with pink duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)

I fell in love with these with the first swatch, and if you are looking for a dupe of the Mac 'extra dimension skinfinish' powders then these are the products for you! The pigment is incredible, and the effect of the 'duo chrome pearls' when light hits them in stunning. My two favourites are Snow Rose & Lavender Steel, for my skintone they are lovely and add such a subtle colour with the highlight. There is a shade for every complexion and they would be perfect for the upcoming summer. Check out the swatches above and let me know what you think!

Next up is the 'Strobe of Genius' palette that costs £16/$18.99 (Selfridges/Ulta)  and includes seven illuminating powders. I wasn't to sure about this palette whilst I was swatching, there is obviously a different formula for the powders as some swept so softly across my arm whilst a couple of others seemed powdery and lacked pigmentation. The bottom three shades were my favourite, they had a lot of shimmer and instantly blended out. The top row was different, the purple and gold/yellow shade just contained to much powder and really didn't blend out nicely at all, while the two pinky toned shades next to them were lovely and just as smooth as the bottom row.  Unfortunately the shades don't have names so I couldn't label the swatches below, but overall I think that this palette does contain some great highlighters, there is just a couple of duds.

As always it is down to personal opinion, I do have dry skin so for me, the less powdery the better. None of them appeared glittery and I applaud NYX for that, there is nothing worse. I have included links to stores that stock the products in the UK and US so check them out if you are interested and I will see you guys in my next post! Make sure you are subscribed so you can be notified of my future posts and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby