Testing Drugstore Highlighters: MUA Make Up Academy / by plasticloafer


Good Afternoon! I have decided to start a new series on my blog, testing out drugstore highlighters. I was recently in Superdrug and was swatching a couple of things and was so surprised at how good quality some of the items were. I am guilty of spending a lot of money on high end products, and I never usually reach for something from Superdrug or Boots so I decided to throw as many highlighters as I could find into my basket. Today we are starting with MUA Make Up Academy, who seemed to have the biggest range of highlighters but after googling them, I noticed that my local store didn't have quite a few of their products. I picked up what I could, and maybe after writing this post I will be ordering more. Let's get started.

First up is the MUA 'Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting Powders'. These currently come in two shades, Gold & Cashmere and cost £5 each. The packaging is quite different from a traditional powder, you actually twist the top which shaves a little bit of powder for you to use. I find this actually really handy as there is nothing worse than trying to pour out a tiny amount from a tub and then covering your knees in powder. The highlighter is incredibly pigmented, you only need a small amount to create a blinding glow! Honestly, I love this product, the formula is so soft and it blends out so quickly. Gold is a white gold (top), perfect for my skintone and Cashmere (bottom) is more of a copper shade which would be lovely on deeper skin.

Next we have the 'Undress Your Skin Shimmering Highlighters'. I could actually only get my hands on two shades of these, every other was sold out! They have seven shades available at this time and by the looks of it, they are really popular. They cost £3 each, and the two shades here are Radiant Cashmere (top) and Pink Shimmer (bottom). They did not feel gritty at all, and there was no fall out at all when I was swatching them. Radiant Cashmere is beautiful, I am always drawn to copper shades and this one is so shimmery and reflective. Pink Shimmer has quite a unique look, it reflects hot pink. It really reminds me of the new Becca Primastic Skin Perfector that I picked up a couple of weeks ago and for £3, I would probably suggest getting this one instead! I can imagine that the other shades are as good if the formula is the same throughout the range.

The 'Luxe Radiant Illumination Kit' is the palette of the 'Luxe' collection, this is £6 and I wasn't that impressed by it. I swatched the four shimmery shades and just found them to be extremely powdery and they just clumped up in the pan. The outcome is a soft highlight that just does nothing for me personally, its 'meh'. Compared to the other products that MUA has created, I think it's best to skip this one and get yourself a couple of the others for the same price.

Finally we have the 'Strobe & Glow' Highlighting kit which is £5. I have to explain with this one that it does come with a powder and a strobe cream, I was just a bit dim and didn't understand how to use the powder so I only swatched the strobe pan underneath. Saying that, I love it. The strobe balm is really soft and blends out so smoothly, its so reflective and is a pure white glow. If you are looking for an intense highlight then this is the one for you.

Overall I am so impressed with the highlighters from MUA, even though the palette didn't do anything for me, you can't knock the brand. For the prices that you are paying, it makes you reconsider paying £30 for a Becca powder when you can achieve the same result with something for a tenth of the price. I would love to try the other products that MUA offer after testing these out, have you seen their highlighting paper sheets? omg.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post and will be back for my next instalment. Make sure that you are following me for future posts and check out my instagram for daily updates.


Nathan Dalby