Testing Drugstore Highlighters: Makeup Revolution / by plasticloafer


Hello! Today I have the second instalment of my drugstore highlighters series, and in this post we will be looking at Makeup Revolution. They have been around in the UK for years, but I have noticed that they have started to get a lot of attention internationally which is amazing for them! I love it when a British brand starts to expand and get bigger so I wish them all the best for that. They are sold exclusively in Superdrug here in the UK and online at Tam Beauty, who I believe is their parent company and their prices range from £1 all the way up to £50 for a gorgeous storage chest that is filled with products. I have a selection of four different types of highlighters that they sell either online or in store, and I'll say now that a couple of them are bloody good, so let's get started. P.S The sun decided to come out today and blow all of my photos exposure way out.

First up we have two of their 'Strobing Highlighter' powders which cost £3 each and are available in six shades. The shades that I have here are Gold Addict (top) and Radiant Lights (bottom) and I have to say that I am not that impressed with them. They are incredibly powdery, not very reflective and just a bit 'meh'. Strobing is basically highlighting without contouring, so you need quite a powerful glow to get that effect and these two just didn't do anything for me. The shades do look lovely in their pans, but the swatches and application let them down.

Next up are the 'Vivid Baked' highlighters which also cost £3 and come in four shades. These two did a lot better than the strobing powders, they were highly reflective and they have a slight iridescence which is beautiful when the light hits them. I did find them quite powdery as well but it was manageable, and blending was easy with a soft brush. To be honest I would say that this formula should have been used in the strobing powders as they give off a wet look highlight, perfect for a strobe. I like these, and will definitely be using them in the future.

I was most excited for these two 'Skin Kiss' highlighters, the most annoying thing is that I did have the third shade and it must have legs because I cannot find it anywhere. Anyway, they cost £5 and the two shades here are Peach Kiss (top) and Ice Kiss (bottom). The packaging is amazing, the pans are huge and the highlight didn't let me down! They really remind of the Jeffree Star Skinfrost highlighters, and since these are £5 each I would argue to get these instead. The formula is extremely soft, it blends out flawlessly and they are super reflective, everything you want in a highlighter. At the moment they are only available on Tam Beauty, I have no idea if or when they are coming to Superdrug so keep your eyes out!

Finally we have the 'Ultra Pro Glow' palette which costs £10 and contains eight different shades. As you can tell by the photo, mine is battered and bruised because I use it so much. The range of colours means that there is something to suit any skintone and most of them are fantastic! The top two shades on the swatches match my skintone so well that you can't really see them in the photo, only when my wrist moves can you see the reflection which is what I love. I did notice however that a couple of the shades seemed quite chalky and didn't blend out as nicely, so it looks like the formula isn't the same throughout the palette but for £10 you still get six great highlighters.

Overall I think that some of the highlighters are duds and the others are great, and I do like a lot of the other products that Makeup Revolution does offer so I would say they pass my highlighter test. They could improve their formulas for a couple of products and maybe expand on their shades but other than that, I would suggest going to have a play yourself and see what you think.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are enjoying this series as I am loving getting to try out brands that are new to me and finding some hidden gem highlighters. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog for future posts and following me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby