Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Vol. II / by plasticloafer


I have always been a huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics but living in the UK it can sometimes be a struggle to get certain products. Tarte is sold exclusively through QVC over here, which means that you are usually paying a bit of a premium to purchase something from them as they can charge what they like because it's the only place you can get it apart from the actual Tarte website! This does get quite annoying, a good example of this is the limited-edition Swamp Queen palette. On QVC this will set you back nearly £70 with delivery, but on the Tarte site it is only £34. So if like me, you are from the UK and are a beauty addict then I suggest shopping from the official site. They always have 20% off coupons and free delivery weekends so keep your eyes out! This weekend I received a delivery that I have been so excited for since I placed the order last Tuesday. The Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Vol. II is the second palette from this range. The first palette featured three shades, and received mixed reviews.  The problem was that one of the shades 'Filtered Light' was incredibly chalky and the formulation made it near enough impossible to work with. So with this release everybody has been asking; 'Is this palette what the first one should have been?'

Volume II has kept the same gorgeous packaging from the original, but now features four highlighting/strobing shades and I can confirm that they are all exceptional. The formulation is similar to an 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit', which means the powders are silky smooth and layer on top of each other with no effort. They don't settle into your pores and most importantly, they glow.

The four shades that you get are;

  • daylight (white gold)
  • skylight (pearl)
  • spotlight (champagne)
  • candlelight (rose gold)

The great thing about this palette is that as their is such a range of highlights, you can achieve so many different types of glow. If you are looking for a soft natural highlight then daylight is perfect, but if you need your cheekbones to be blinding then you can layer any of them to create a beautiful effect.  As the different shades are so build able, this means that this palette will work with any skin tone. I personally love 'Spotlight' and love to top that with a little 'Skylight' to add a super intense glow.

For me, this palette gets 5/5. The formulation is beautiful, they blends out effortlessly and the packaging is the best of any highlighter. For £34 you cannot complain, and I think this palette will remove the bad taste that the previous attempt left.

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Nathan Dalby