#OOTD / by Nathan Dalby


SAMSUNG CSC It is June, and technically summer in the UK? Well in Manchester yesterday there was an amber weather warning and the night was filled with rain and high winds. So at the moment, it doesn’t really feel like summer. As much as I would love to be wearing shorts and gladiator sandals, today was not the day.


I normally wear the ASOS brushed jumper without anything underneath, but due to the weather I decided that it would be a good idea to pair with with a white longline tee from New Look. I don’t wear tee’s on that often but I have a selection specifically to wear under jumpers on days like these. The blazer, another one of my favourites from ASOS was worn just to add a little structure to the outfit since the jumper is very baggy. I have had the backpack from Zara for a while now and haven’t had much opportunity to use it, and since I knew the weather wasn’t going to be great I just threw all of my items in it (rain and Givenchy do not mix well).


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Nathan Dalby.