#OOTD / by Nathan Dalby



I haven't done an outfit post in so long and since I started my blog as an style blog, I thought that it would be nice to start doing them again.

Even though it is quite cold, I felt the need to dress up a little today. I am so tired of throwing on clothes that I know will keep me warm. So I risked getting the flu just to look nice (everyone has done this before). My jacket is from Topman and I picked it up in the Xmas sales for £35 which is a complete bargain! It is such a nice fit for a bomber jacket and it has very clean lines. The colour is a very deep navy which I love because I am trying to expand my wardrobe from just black and more black. The top underneath is a long-sleeve tee from ASOS. I bought this knowing it would be such a good item to use under a jacket or cardigan, I wouldn't wear it on it's own as it is quite baggy but it looks great when you tuck it in to bottoms. Next item are my fitted pants from Zara which I adore. I bought them in the summer so I doubt they will still have them in store. I am really enjoying subtle patterns at the moment and I love the hint of gold in them. My little tassel loafers are also from ASOS and they are a great shoe to wear with anything cropped just above the ankle. They are suede so pick up dust easily so I store them in their box.



Thank you for checking out this post and please let me know if you enjoyed it :)

I haven't linked the items today because I have looked online and couldn't find any of them! So I do apologise if you wanted to look, if you let me know then I will try and find something similar for you.


Nathan Dalby.