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Hi guys! I hope you are all well and have had a lovely May. I know that we haven't reached June just yet, but I am positive that I am not going to find a new product in the next two days that will blow my mind so I have decided to upload my May favourites a little early! The first thing that I would like to include is a link to the Manchester Victim Support page if any of you would like to donate to help the families of those killed or injured. The money will go directly to those and help protect them from any financial troubles they might be going through now or in the near future. Any little will help and it will truly mean a lot to me and all of us in Manchester. 

This month has been filled with tonnes of new product launches and even a couple that I have only just got around to testing. I never know how to put these posts together, do I photograph each individual product or to clump them all into one and list them? So today I have photographed them all together, and have put a little number next to each item and will list that below. I hope that makes sense?

1: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Nude Light (£45/$50) Hourglass launched two new bronzers at the start of May and the different thing about them is that they are completely matte! I tend to stay away from shimmery bronzers and since Hourglass has my favourite formula for powders, I had to give this one a go. It is a cool toned bronzer, perfect for my skin-tone and anyone will a light complexion and it just lightly warms up your complexion. The powder blends out perfectly and it has now become a product that I use everyday.

2: Dior Airflash Foundation in Fair 100 (£31/$62) I have wanted to try this foundation for so long, but the aerosol style spray really put me off. I just imagined that it would waste a lot of product and be a complete mess to apply. I went to my local Dior counter and the lovely girls there shade matched me and honestly I couldn't get over the finish. I have dry skin so I usually stay away from matte foundations but this one left my skin looking and feeling airbrushed with a soft glow and obviously I bought it, I am only human. It is a light/medium coverage that is buildable and I use it on the days where I just want to even out my complexion, or I add it on top of another foundation for extra coverage and a soft finish.

3: Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Chantilly (£23/$30) I swatched this concealer on the back of my hand so many times in Space.NK and didn't like to consistency of it, it felt like a hard putty. I have seen so many beauty gurus rave about this in the past few months and when I was in store a few weeks ago, I realised that I had £20 in rewards on my Space.NK card so it only cost me £3! I am so glad that I did buy it because it is my new favourite concealer, it has a crazy amount of coverage and it just melts into your skin when you blend it out. I use it to cover dark circles and cover any imperfections and it just blocks them out instantly.

4: Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pack of 5 (£15/$16) My partner Lewis actually picked these up because his skin can handle anything and I stayed well away from them for a month because I was scared. I have a really strict skincare regime for my sensitive skin and I just didn't want to risk anything, but one day when I had a flare up and I had just got out of the bath, I saw them and thought 'Well my skin can't get any worse so I might aswell'. You get a little sachet with two wipes in, the first is to exfoliate and smooth and then after two minutes you use the second wipe which is an anti-aging neutraliser. I woke up the next day and my skin was glowing, honestly I was in shock. I use them now a couple of times a week when my skin just needs a bit of help and they are helping with redness, my dark circles and my overall complexion. You can buy these in larger quantities if you use them more often but I find the packet of 5 is perfect for me at the moment.

5: Diptyque Eau Duelle 50ml (£64/$90) I am a Vanilla scent whore, I can admit that. I have been searching for so long for a nice perfume that is soft and has a slight vanilla fragrance but most of the time you find something that is overly sweet or just smells like fake vanilla, you guys so know what I am talking about. I was in Diptyque, just browsing the candles and picked up this perfume by chance and omg, I just took it straight to the counter and said 'Just this please'. It's hard to describe a fragrance, but if you like vanilla then you need this. That is all I need to say.

6: Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo (£58/$78)  I have a whole post about this product because I love it so much (here) and it has been my go to highlighter for May. I use the gold shade most of the time but dip into the pinky shade if I want to add a little colour to my cheeks without using a blush.

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Nathan Dalby