Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Highlighter First Impressions + Swatches / by plasticloafer


After my disastrous Kylighter experience (see the previous post), I thought I would treat myself to something that I have been eyeing up for a good few weeks. The Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Highlighters are in one word 'Stunning'. They cost £47 each and have an ombré design that means it's actually a palette instead of a single highlighter. The two shades that you can choose from are 'Sahara' and 'Ibiza', i'm pretty sure that you will be able to tell which one is which but Sahara is the sand, warm shade and Ibiza is the purple, cool toned palette. Obviously as a highlighter enthusiast, I had to pick up both.

The packaging is premium, they have a nice weight to them and the mirror is one of the best that I have seen in a palette. The formula of the pigment is like butter, it glides on and doesn't exaggerate any texture or pores on your skin.  What I have noticed is that they are incredibly build able, so if you want to blind the gods then layer it up!

I decided to show the swatches as a gif, the glow didn't really translate well in the lighting so make sure you wait for the image below to start moving! I also created the swatches in the same gradient style as the palettes, so on the top is Ibiza and underneath is Sahara.

[WPGP gif_id="4160" width="1000"]

Overall I am really happy with these two palettes, the price is a little higher than others out there but what you get is gorgeous packaging, a range of pigmented highlights to play with and of course endless amounts of instagram photos.

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Nathan Dalby