July Favourites! / by plasticloafer


I'm back! I decided to take a little break from my blog for a month just so I could focus more on the photography aspect of my posts. I love taking photographs and editing them, its the thing I enjoy the most about being a blogger so I am always trying to improve or learn new things to test out. Since we have just entered August, I thought the best post for me to start with would be my July favourites! There was so many amazing launches last month but I found myself going back to a couple of classics. Lets get into it.

First up we have the 'Super Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum' from Beauty Pie. I have spoken a lot about Beauty Pie in the past and now that they have added a skincare line to their site, I can't get enough. I have really dry skin so I struggle with finding a moisturiser that really plumps and keeps moisture locked in. This product has been my lifesaver for the warmer weather and my skin still feels hydrated at the end of the day. It retails for £7 if you are a member but is £70 if you aren't so I still highly suggest signing up if you haven't already!

Next we have the updated Boi-ing range from Benefit Cosmetics! I just need to say that the 'Airbrush Concealer' is literally the smoothest product ever. It has a cooling sensation when you use it under your eyes and it blends out flawlessly! The other products include the Brightening Concealer, Hydrating Concealer and the Industrial Strength Concealer. If you are going to try a product from the range then I highly suggest the Airbrush!

These three products from Cover Fx have been my holy grails for July. The two 'Custom Infusion Drops' are the Hydrating & Soothing type. I use the Hydrating drops mixed in with my foundation and it leaves your skin looking so dewy and plumped up! The Soothing drops have saved me when my skin has been super sensitive and dry. I have also fallen back in love with the 'Moonlight' enhancing drops. If you mix a little drop in with moisturiser or foundation then you will have a lovely subtle glow or you can apply the drops directly to your cheekbones for a blinding highlight!

The final products & another classic are the Laura Mercier powders. You can purchase them as a set for around £30 and you get the translucent setting powder, illuminating powder & under eye powder. All of the powders are so finely milled and for someone with dry skin, they don't leave you looking cakey. Could you ask for anything more from a powder?

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and I am so glad to be back from my little blogging break. Make sure you are following me on instagram for daily updates.


Nathan Dalby