Jouer Highlighters: Citrine, Rose Gold, Skinny Dip - First Impressions + Swatches / by plasticloafer


As I sit here and write this post, with BBC news on in the background and the announcements of more casualties from the Manchester bombing, I can't help but think that me posting about makeup is really that important at this time. My hometown has shown so much strength and we have all come together in the past two days to help in anyway that we can, and try to carry on as normal and show that this devastation will not affect us. I had my day yesterday to grieve and pray for those who have been involved, so as today is a new day, I will carry on with my little blog. 

Jouer Cosmetics has been on my radar since NikkieTutorials raved about the highlighters in one of her videos last year, and I have struggled ever since to get my hands on any of the shades that would suit my skintone. As I was browsing instagram afew days ago, I saw that Cult Beauty had just launched the new 'Skinny Dip' collection and restocked some of the other highlights. So I jumped onto the laptop and ordered three shades (Citrine, Rose Gold & Skinny Dip).

They only cost £19 each, which is quite cheap compared to the single highlighters that I normally purchase and the have six different shades to choose from in this size. They also have a smaller highlighter called Ice that costs £18 and is impossible to get hold of in the UK!

The formula is the smoothest that I have ever felt in any highlighter, and the pigmentation is just right for a a soft glow. The thing with these highlighters is, is that you can build them up to be completely blinding and they don't cake up at all.


Citrine - Gold with a white reflect, perfect for pale skintones

Rose Gold - Copper toned with a pink/orange reflect, great for light to medium skintones

Skinny Dip - Warm gold, this would look stunning on warm to deep skintones.

As you can see from the swatches, they are incredibly pigmented and really smooth. They do not appear glittery at all and are so reflective! If you are looking for a soft glow or even blinding highlight then you should definitely check these out, and for the price you can't really go wrong.

I know that this has been a short post but I will be back soon in the near future with some extra content. I hope are all safe, and to my friends and followers in the UK, spend some time with your family and close ones as you never know when they can be taken from you.

I love you all.

Nathan Dalby.