How I Overcame Psoriasis & Severe Dry Skin / by plasticloafer


This is my first time really opening up about my skin, I have mentioned psoriasis in the past but I have never gone into detail about my struggle. The products that I mention below have worked wonders for me, and I can't say that they will have the same effect for you but if you are suffering with severe dry skin and psoriasis then there might be a couple of things that you would like to look into.  

My skin, it has been a tough battle. Before I reached 24, I always had clear skin except for the occasional pimple, it was always bright and I never had any issues. I suffered with psoriasis quite a lot as a child, it would flare up on my waist and back but it never really bothered me because it wasn't visible when I was in public. When I turned 24 it all seemed to change, I started to get psoriasis around my eyes and forehead which instantly started to make me panic. I immediately went to see the doctor and was prescribed a mild Hydrocortisone cream which seemed to help the flare ups but as psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, you can't really get rid of it all together, you can just control it and try and keep it at bay. What I found was that by using a hydrocortisone cream on my already dry skin, it started to create dry patches on my face and leave my skin feeling cracked and raw. This is where the real struggle began. Anything that I put on my face would flare up instantly, no matter what product it was. I would apply makeup over it to try and disguise my skin but after an hour, the dry patches would come through and it would look terrible. It got to a point that I couldn't use any powder products, as it would instantly cling to any texture or dryness and this is when I decided that it needed to be sorted out. The photo below is with makeup on, I never took a photograph with just my bare skin since I was so embarrassed by it.

I returned to the doctor and spoke in depth about my skin and what troubles I had been having, and he immediately diagnosed it as 'Contact Dermatitis' and that basically I need to stop using any products. I am a beauty blogger, and this is my full time job, so if I stopped using products and testing things out then basically I would have nothing to talk about. He referred me to a dermatologist for a skin patch test (which I am still waiting to do) and gave me a new hydrocortisone cream to try out. I left feeling a little better, I kind of knew that there must be an ingredient that my skin doesn't agree with that is common in any creams that I put on my face.

This is when I began patch testing products on half of my face, so if it flared up on that side then I knew to not touch it again. It was sad seeing so many products that had previously work wonders for me flare up and irritate. Your skin changes over time, and you can suddenly wake up and find that something that you have used for years just starts to do more bad than good. So after a lot of trial and error I finally found a skincare routine that works perfectly for me.  (Enter pretty flat lay of products)

I basically had to start again with my skincare, like I was just entering the beauty world and I had no idea what to use. As a blogger, I am extremely fortunate to receive products to try out and review if they work well for me, so I have tried out maybe fifty different skincare items over the past few months and most of them didn't work for me. I know that trying so many products wont help at all, but by this point I could tell just by looking into the ingredients if something was worth trying or not.

Cleanser: Dr. Barbara Sturm Cleanser - I was lucky enough to actually meet Dr Barbara at an event with Space.NK and it was like meeting someone who knew how to cure all of your problems, she was one of the loveliest people I have ever spoken to and she told me within minutes that I needed to try the cleanser, as it is so lightweight but gets the job done.  It is a foam product, that when applied just gets rid of any dirt or makeup that you have on your face. It costs £40 which is on the expensive side of cleansers, but when something works so well for you, it's completely worth it.

Exfoliator: No7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator - I used to love a good exfoliator, it was my favourite part of the week. My partner actually uses this product, so I tried it when one of my other more extreme exfoliators ran out and I fell in love. It is lightweight, like the cleanser but it still removes everything. I use this once a week when my skin needs it and it only costs £11.99!

Extra Hydration: Laboratoires Filorga NCTF - Essence - A couple of weekends ago I received this product in the post completely unannounced, and after reading the press release I decided to give it a go. I use this after showering/bathing and right before I moisturise. This product absorbs instantly into your skin and leaves it a little tacky, and then why I apply my oil it sinks right in. It is super hydrating, my skin feels so plumped up and ready for makeup once I use it. It costs £50 but you only need the tiniest amount per use, I have had it for a couple of weeks and it looks brand new.

Moisture: The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil - I gave up on cream moisturisers, nothing seemed to work for me so I went back to what used to work best, oils. I use rose hip seed oil instead of a cream and it makes my skin feel so much nicer. It locks in any moisture and costs only £9.00. It has so many skincare benefits and includes vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to help correct dark spots.

Night Oil: Sunday Riley Luna - This is the one product that has stayed with me through all of the troubles. Another hydrating oil, this slowly sinks into your skin during the night and you wake up with extremely soft, plumped skin. Some people don't like the smell, my partner says it smells like chip fat but I kind of find it relaxing. This is an expensive one at £85 but is totally worth it.

Lips: Dior Lip Maximizer - A totally random product to add, but it is so smooth and plumping for your lips! I used to use a lip balm but after I tried this, I never returned. It's like a clear gloss that has a plumping effect, who doesn't want their lips to look a tad bigger?

Of course, from time to time my psoriasis does flare up due to stress or my diet but I have noticed that with this skin routine, it's happening so much less often. When it does flare up, I put a dab of the hydrocortisone cream on the trouble spots and it is usually gone overnight. I have also started using powder makeup again, because I have no dry patches which has meant the most to me.

I hope you learnt a couple of things in the post and that I didn't waffle on for to long. Please subscribe to keep up to date and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby