Hourglass Strobe Lighting Blush Palette Swatches & First Impressions / by plasticloafer


'Will I ever stop talking about Hourglass Cosmetics on this blog? I doubt it. I am actually reconsidering my whole career and maybe changing my blog into a Hourglass fan page.

Today I have the brand new 'Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette' which was released in the UK on Valentines Day, that is quite cute for a blush palette! It is sold exclusively at Space.NK and is priced at £59. As I say in all of my posts about Hourglass, they are a luxury brand so £59 may sound extremely ridiculous for a blush palette but you are getting that perfect formula and even pigmentation which they are renowned for.

You get three powdered blushes in this palette, two of which are brand new shades. They are;

Incandescent Electra: A cool peach blush blended with Incandescent Strobe Light for a celestial glow.

Brilliant Nude (New): A deep amber blush blended with Brilliant Strobe Light for a lustrous glow.

Euphoric Fusion (New): A soft lilac blush blended with Euphoric Strobe Light for a resplendent glow.

All of the blushes contain glitter, or 'ultra-fine micro pearl particles in varying sizes and refraction levels, with modern colour hues to provide glowing, lit from within colour'. The finish isn't incredibly glittery, they are more like a blush with a slight highlight. So if you are not a fan of a glowing blush then I do not think that this will be for you.

They do blend out beautifully, and can be used with other Hourglass products in the 'Ambient' line to perfectly compliment each other.


I hope you enjoyed this quick first impressions and swatches post! I do not usually tend to wear blush but I think this palette will help push me to try new things as it seems to easy to use. As always, sign up if you enjoy my blog to keep up to date and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby