Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 - First Impressions & Swatches / by plasticloafer


It is that time of year again, and my all time favourite brand, Hourglass is getting ready to release their holiday palettes. This year they have done something a little different and they are releasing two limited edition palettes which will be available at the end of this month in the UK. If you are in the US, then you can actually get your hands on this and the 'Ambient Metallic Strobe Light' palette right now from their official site and they cost $80/$62.

Unfortunately I don't have my hands on the Strobe Light palette just yet but I did manage to get hold of their 'Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3' and oh my god, it is perfect. As you all probably know, this is the third edition of this palette and unlike the previous edition, it features 6 different powders. The packaging is very similar to Volume 1, as it has the rose gold packaging and the layout of the powders is the same. My love for Hourglass only started early last year so I don't actually have that palette so I can't show you a comparison but trust me on this one, they do look alike.

I do however have last years palette, so I will include a side by side in this post so you can see the difference between the two. I was a huge fan of last years edition, but I do know the general reaction to it was a bit 'meh', because of the selection of powders inside the palette. I still use that palette, so for me it was money well spent and it is kind of a collectors item now so it's lovely to pull out every now and again.

As you can see, they have really stepped it up this year with the packaging and powder selection. Inside you get two finishing powders, one strobe powder, one bronzer and two blushes + three of the powders are actually brand new shades and currently only available in this palette (the two blushes & strobe powder).

Hourglass' huge selling point is their powders, they are the best, period. It is something that everybody seems to agree on because of how extremely soft, subtle and blendable they are. I have used their setting powders since last year and have never found anything that works as well for me, but I do love a soft glowy finish to my skin. All of the powders in this palette have a slight shimmer, so if you prefer your bronzer & blush to be matte then I don't think this will be your cup of tea.

The price is high, you can't deny it. I haven't received the official pricing for the UK just yet but it is $80 in the States so it is safe to assume it will be around that to over here. But you get a lot for your money, all of these powders when sold individually do retail for between £30 - £45 each so even though you get a smaller size single powder, you do get a selection of six.

The swatches above were honestly the simplest swatches that I have ever done. Sometimes you do have to spend a while blending them out to make them even but with this palette it took seconds for each swipe. I haven't actually used it on my face yet but I know the formula and I know that I will love it. You can see that there is shimmer in each of the shades, some more than others but they don't give you a highlight, just a soft glow when the light hits your face. You know when people say that pregnant women are glowing? This is that glow packaged up.

If you collect the holiday edits, then you need this one. If you are wanting to try out Hourglass for the first time then this would be a great starter for you to get a feel for the brand and their powders. If you have the first palette and aren't sure whether to get this one then have a play in store when it is released, I'm sure you will fall in love just like I have.

I believe that this palette will be available on the 29th September in the UK, and you will be able to pick it up at Space.NK & Harvey Nichols. I am sorry that I don't have a price for you yet but I will get this updated as soon as I find out!

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Nathan Dalby