Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops: Halo, Blossom, Rose Gold / by plasticloafer


So last year Cover Fx released the 'Custom Enhancer Drops' in six beautiful shades four were highlighters and two were bronzers. Liquid highlighters had never been created by such a well known brand and they literally took the world by storm. They could only be described as 'Liquid Metal' and left the skin a stunning glow. It took me months to get my hands on the shade 'Celestial' from Space.NK (obviously, the best shop on earth) and I think I just sat and poured it on the back of my hand for a good few hours before I managed to apply it to my was that pretty.

Now that 2017 has come around, Cover Fx has blessed us with three new shades and I was lucky enough to receive all of them a couple of days early to test out! So thank you Christopher and the team at Space.NK! They have been released today, March 1st and are priced at £34. So if you are like me and have a serious addiction to highlighters, then get yourself one or all of the drops here.

The three shades are:

Halo - Oh my god its holographic. A super bright white glow that has a blue/cool tone reflection. (Middle)

Blossom - Perfect for spring, a gorgeous pink tone. (Bottom)

Rose Gold - I don't think I need a explain this one, but I will. A deep copper/rose gold highlight. (Top)

With the three new shades, there is something for every complexion . Halo is perfect for fair skin, Blossom is quite universal and will work well on every skin tone and Rose Gold looks incredible on deeper skin.

For me, Halo has to be my favourite. It is the only highlight that I have ever tried that has a blue or cool undertone. It looks white when you apply it but when the light hits, get your sunglasses ready.

Cover FX also has an illuminating setting spray coming out soon, which I cannot wait to get my hands on and a new highlighting palette! So when they are released, and I have worked out how to do a review on a glowy setting spray? Then I will get another post up on here!

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Nathan Dalby