Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks Review & Swatches / by plasticloafer


Every now and again a product comes along that looks a little gimmicky, and a tiny percentage of those actually end up working really well (I am not looking at you MAC Roller Wheel Liner). Ciate London has just launched the 'Glitter Flip' lipsticks, that claim to be a metallic matte that transforms into a multi dimensional glitter lip after you press your lips together. They are priced at £17/ $19 each and come in seven different shades. Those shades are:

Fortune: Dark Purple (UK/US)

Candy: Light Pink (UK/US)

Infamous: Berry (UK/US)

Hollywood: Red (UK/US)

Forbidden: Dark Red (UK/US)

Iconic: Black (UK/US)

Siren: Teal (UK/US)

I was lucky enough to be sent three press samples from Ciate to test out, and those shades were Candy, Infamous & Iconic. I had seen a couple of reviews of them of youtube already so I did have quite high hopes and was really excited.

The colours are stunning, there is no doubt about it. In the tubes they do look like a lip gloss topper but they are incredibly opaque once you apply them. I had to bring in my friend Jessica to help out with the lip swatches, because I have never applied lipstick to myself in my life and it would just be a hot mess!

They apply like a matte lipstick and dry down completely after a couple of minutes. You can see a couple of specks of glitter peeking through but that really doesn't matter since you will be pressing your lips together anyway. Now the fun part, after she did press her lips together it was like a completely different lipstick. The change from matte to full on glitter is crazy, and we were both in shock at how quickly and easily it happened. It is such a fun experience to see, and they really do look gorgeous after. The more you press your lips together, the more glitter shows up so it does keep getting better. I think that for a night out or for a festival, these would look amazing! My favourite was obviously 'Iconic', the glitter on the lip made it look like one of those NASA photos of space and it was really cool.

After seeing them in action, I can confirm that they are not a gimmick. It would take so long to achieve this kind of look using different products so the fact that you can just apply a single lipstick and then your done is the huge selling point for them.

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Nathan Dalby