Céline Phantom Reveal / by Nathan Dalby


  If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that last weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a new bag. I have always had my eyes on this particular piece and my prayers have finally been answered.


I bought the bag from Harrods, London and it cost £1,900. It may sound like a stupid amount of money to spend on a bag, but I know that it will last many years and when the opportunity come to buy the bag, I couldn't say no.

The bag itself is made from calfskin leather, which has quite a soft grain compared to my other bags and it also features a suede interior with one huge pocket. All of the hardware on the bag is matte black, which was one of the huge selling points for me personally. You can wear the bag in around 3 different ways, depending on how you tuck in its wings, but i prefer it as it normally sits.


A couple of things I would change about the bag is its interior, I wish it would have been lined with something a little more hard wearing as the suede is so easy to scratch and damage.

Another thing is that the bag is extremely heavy, which I am guessing is because of how good quality the leather is.

Overall I am completely over the moon with this bag. Even though there is a few changes that I would make, I am still obsessed with this purchase. If you have any questions about the bag or in general, then let me know.

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Nathan Dalby.