Benefit Cheek Parade First Impressions! / by plasticloafer


Yesterday I was in House of Fraser in the city centre and saw a little stand with the Benefit Cheek Parade palette towered on top, it was the first time that I had seen it in store so I ran (let's be honest, I walked quickly) over and literally threw my money onto the counter. My main reason for buying this was because it has the new 'Hoola Light' powder inside, which currently isn't available in the UK. It costs £49.50 and it contains five full sized powders that individually would cost £122.50.

The packaging is amazing! I nearly had a heart attack though when I tipped it upside down to remove the little powder brush from the inside and the whole powder compartment fell into my hands, luckily I caught it but I have no idea whether it is meant to be glued in and mine unfortunately came loose or if that is how it is meant to be? If you do pick this up then just be careful, don't tip it upside down!

Now we can get to the inside, and look at all those powders! All of the powders are full sized, so would cost around £22.50 each if bought individually and it contains both the new GALifornia blush and Hoola light bronzer. I am new to Benefit powders, and have to admit that I have never tried one before! Hoola is a cult favourite, and I felt like this was a really good excuse to try five in one go.

Honestly I think it took me half an hour to work out how I can do five equal swatches without them being in straight lines, I had to google it and I decided on this little pentagon which looks a little wonky. Ill start with 'Rockateur' which is probably my least favourite from the palette, mainly because of my skintone. I think that on a deep complexion this would be such a stunning blush or highlight but for me I don't think that I could make it work. Galifornia is one of their newest powders and is a deep peachy blush with a gold shimmer and it blended like a dream! It is buildable but works perfectly for a subtle blush with a little glow. Dandelion is my favourite of the three blush powders, it is perfect for my skintone and has the tiniest bit of shimmer in the powder to brighten the cheeks and it is the most natural of them all. Hoola is a great universal bronzer but for me is amazing as a contour, and Hoola light is my perfect bronzer! It lightly warms up my complexion and builds up to a soft contour on my cheekbones.

Overall I am really impressed with this palette, and cannot wait to carry on using it. If you are new to Benefit powders like me then this is a fantastic option to try out a range of products for a fraction of the price. As always, thank you so much for reading and make sure you are subscribed for future posts and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby