Beauty Pie: March Purchases / by plasticloafer


So it is officially the end of March, and that means that I have unfortunately completed my three month membership with Beauty Pie. I now have a decision to make, do I keep paying the £10 per month to get the products at factory cost, or do I end it completely? My last order from them arrived yesterday, so I will let you know my final verdict at the end of this post. If you are unaware of Beauty Pie and how they work then make sure you check out my other post here where I explain everything. My order this month was a little different. As Beauty Pie is growing so quickly, they are adding new products every week and I had to sit at my laptop for about 20 minutes to finally decide what I wanted to order. I went with the two eyeshadow palettes, the liquid luminizer and one of their brand new super luminous concealers.


First up we have the two eyeshadow palettes which contain 10 shades and cost under £7 each with a membership. I don't wear eyeshadow but for £14 for two palettes, I had to test them out. The styles of the palettes are 'Smoky' and 'Natural' and you get a mixture of matte and shimmery shadows. When I was swatching the palettes, I found that there was no fallout, the powders were incredibly smooth and velvety and they blended out flawlessly. They aren't the most pigmented powders but each one builded up nicely to an opaque shade. You do have to consider that I did do this without a primer or concealer on my arm so it was just my bare skin, but saying that they did exceptionally well. The colour selection of each are beautiful, you can instantly see how well they would work together. I have included my swatches above, the natural palette is first and smoky is underneath.



Next is the 'Super Luminous Concealer' which was released last week and costs £2.67 with a membership. I am unsure about this one as my main issue is the shade range. I ordered the lightest shade (Fair 100) and it is still way to dark and warm toned for me which is such a shame. I don't think that starting out with 5 shades of concealer is a good way to comfortably accommodate a lot of different skintones and I am not even that pale! The formula and coverage is wonderful, everything that I would look for in a concealer but it is just the complete wrong shade for me. I also don't like the applicator, it is like a fuzzy ball at the tip which the product comes through when you squeeze it. I can't see this being very hygienic after a lot of uses and it does get quite messy. All of their concealers and foundations are wonderful, they just aren't their yet with the shade ranges.

Finally we have the 'Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer' which comes in one shade and costs £2.70 with a membership. This one for me is an all around winner, I love it! I mix a tiny amount in with my moisturiser before I apply any makeup and it instantly gives me a subtle glow. It is incredibly creamy, so I don't know how you could use this as a stand alone highlighter? The consistency is perfect for mixing in to other products. The shade itself is lovely, it adds a little warmth to your skin and the best thing is that it doesn't contain glitter, it's shimmery!

My order total came to £26.20 (including shipping) for this month, the most I have spent at Beauty Pie. When you add that to my previous purchases, my total comes to £72 and I have so many products to show for it. £70 would normally get me a foundation and a single highlighter of the same quality so I think that I am going to stick with Beauty Pie, at least for another three months to see what else they have to release! I have loved 80% of the products from them so far which for a single brand that only started this year is exceptional.

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Nathan Dalby