Beauty Pie: Luxury Makeup at Drugstore Prices / by plasticloafer


Every year or so, something in the makeup world comes along and completely changes the game. Beauty Pie is a brand new company created by the founder of 'Soap & Glory' that has a concept that sounds way to good to be true. £10/$10 per month will get you a membership to Beauty Pie, this will then allow you to purchase their makeup products at 'cost price' which means that a lipstick for example will cost you £2.84. You don't to have a membership to shop, but without it you will be paying full retail price for the items, so that £2.84 lipstick would be £20. They call it 'Cost Transparency', so once you become a member you only have to pay what the item cost to make, this is broken down into; product & packaging, safety & testing, warehousing and VAT. Once you are a member, you are limited to purchasing £100 worth of products per month and this value is taken from the retail price. So the lipstick will cost you £2.84 but it is worth £20, so you will have £80 left to spend, it is quite confusing at first but it is displayed in your basket to keep you updated. beauty-pie-blog-2

You are probably thinking 'Well if the items are so cheap, they can't be good?'. Wrong, I have tried a few of the products and I have to say that I am reaching for them daily instead of my all time favourites like my trusty 'Nars sheer glow' and 'Laura Mercier translucent powder'. At present, they have all the basics available to buy but they have promised to release over 100 more products during 2017 and they are also adding skincare to their catalogue of items. If you are finding it hard to understand their concept then check out their website, they explain it so much better then I do and you can see what they have to offer.


Now time for the makeup. The package that I received from them contained;

  •  The Everyday Great Skin Foundation
  • A Lipstick
  • A Lipgloss
  • The One Wonder Powder
  • A Mascara

I didn't know what to expect when I first tried the foundation. I had read the booklet that came with the package and it is described as medium coverage with a soft-focus finish but when it costs £5, you are bound to have some reservations? It applied like a dream, the shade (Buttermilky) was perfect for my skintone and it left my skin feeling so plump and flawless. I do suffer with dry skin and it didn't cling to any of my dry patches at all. I then set the foundation with the 'One Wonder Powder' which costs £3.68 with a membership. I always use loose setting powder, and I think this product has converted me. For some reason, pressed powder always ends up looking cakey on my skin but this one applied perfectly. It made my skin feel so silky, it set everything in place and it didn't crease at all.

I don't actually wear lipstick, mascara or lipgloss so I will have to guide you elsewhere if you want a review of those products but from what I have heard, they are just as good.

So my overall opinion of Beauty Pie? Lets just say that I am now a member and have a parcel due to arrive from them tomorrow. I bought the brightening mineral serum foundation, an extra one wonder powder for my partner to try, and two concealers which all together cost £24.80 with next day delivery. That is £5 less than a bottle of my normal foundation. I would love to see some more shades of foundation and concealer, at this time there is only eight foundation and four concealer shades to choose from. But they only launched a month ago so i'm sure they will add more as time goes on. They are also only available in the Uk & Us at the moment. I am so excited to see how this company grows over the next year and I will keep you all updated on future product releases from them.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you all again soon.

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Nathan Dalby