Battle of the Liquid Highlighters: Cover Fx vs. Iconic London / by plasticloafer


Today we have the most 2017 style battle ever, Cover Fx vs Iconic London. They have both created their own liquid highlighters/illuminators but which one is better? It isn't that easy to decide unfortunately. I have been using both types for a while now, and to be honest I love them equally. So for this post I am going to have to delve into the details and look more into this than just swatches. Lets get started:



This one is definitely a win for Cover Fx, they are way more widely available than Iconic London at this time. Iconic has only become popular in the last year or so, and they have grown an incredible amount in the past few months but you can still only purchase them in a select few places like Cult Beauty & Harvey Nichols here in the UK. Obviously you can order from their official site which does have international shipping so everyone across the pond can get them but Cover Fx is in a lot more stores and in many more online boutiques.


There is a £1 difference in price, and the winner here is Iconic London. It isn't a big win, but every little helps! You can order the Iconic London drops for £32.99 on Cult Beauty, while the Cover Fx enhancer drops will set you back £34 in the UK. However, if you are in the US then the difference in price gets larger and the Iconic Drops still work out cheaper.


Another win for Cover Fx, as they completely own this part of the battle. They have nine different colours to pick from compared to three shades from Iconic London (two of which are limited edition).


This is where it gets tricky, you will see why in the swatches. I compared Celestial from Cover Fx and Shine from Iconic London and there was no difference, they are exactly the same. I had always thought that they looked similar in the bottles and was shocked when I saw them side by side:

The pigment is the same, they are blinding. They only thing that I can see a difference in is the formula, I found the Iconic London drops a little easier to blend but only by a tiny amount. Both products are amazing, you can't fault them at all so this round is a draw.


At this moment, I think the winner is Cover Fx for two reasons; the shade range and availability. You have to applaud Iconic London, you see so many of these instagram style brands but for their products to actually perform this well and become so popular in such a short amount of time is amazing. They are still in their infancy and I honestly wish them all the best. I will continue to use both products, because they are fantastic highlighters and well done to Cover Fx, you get a little gold star from me!

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Nathan Dalby