Awl & Sundry Review / by Nathan Dalby


SAMSUNG CSC So this morning I was greeted by the postman holding an extremely large package and I instantly knew what had arrived. I had been waiting for my custom Awl & Sundry Monk Strap shoes for around 4 weeks and I was beyond excited!

Awl & Sundry are a relatively new company who specialise in crafting luxurious shoes which you personally design on their website, what more could you want? Designing a shoe will cost around $350 but it is totally worth it, if you have a little more to spend then they have exotic leathers (I nearly died when I saw an option for Ostrich, time for me to save up).


I had chosen a lovely calf grain leather for the centre of my shoe, with plain leather covering everything else. I spent a while designing them because I knew it had to be perfect, and I am so happy with the results. Being handmade, the quality of the stitching and overall construction has helped create a shoe that I know will last for many years. One thing that stood out for me was the unboxing of the shoes, it was more like an experience. I have never come across a product that has had so much care put into it, each shoe came individually packaged in a little dust bag and with a wooden insert to keep its shape. The box is more like a case with woven gold handles, everything screams quality.


Overall, I could not be happier with these shoes and I haven’t been this excited for a product to arrive at my front door since arrival of my Antigona, a day that will go down in history.

Make sure you check out Awl & Sundry and have a go at designing your own shoes, there are so many possibilities and I promise you will be sat for hours, and falling in love with each design. If you would like all the details on how I created my shoe then just ask and I will send you the details.

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Nathan Dalby.