August Favourites! / by plasticloafer


(As I am writing this, I just realised that all of these items are on the expensive side, I'll make sure to get some good drugstore finds in my favourites next month for you!)

These are by far my favourite type of posts to do, I think that it is nice to give a little recognition to some products that have worked really well for you throughout the month! Most of these products are skincare, I have had a little trouble with my skin again this month so I was on a mission to try and settle it down and I have managed to get it to how I want it.

August has been my favourite month of the year so far, I have had so many great opportunities that I have been involved with and I am really enjoying blogging again. So thank you all for your amazing comments and for keeping me sane!

First up we have 'Good Night Deep Sleep Nourishing Mask' from Cloud 9 Skincare Solutions. I had never heard of this company before, and a little parcel turned up on my door last month with this product in it. As you all know (I probably say in every post), I have really dry skin so anything that claims to bring me moisture is a must. I applied this the night before an event, and my skin was glowing when I woke up the next day. It made my skin feel so plumped up and smooth, which I have never really experienced before with a sleeping mask. I have used it every night since then and I have almost emptied the whole bottle! It retails for £38 and it is a large bottle with 50ml of product inside. If you suffer with dry skin and need a good night cream then I highly suggest picking this up!

Next is the Oskia 'Get Up & Glow' serum, Oh my god it is so pretty. I apply this after my skincare but before makeup as it goes quite tacky and is perfect as a primer. It leaves your skin with a subtle glow that really traps in moisture and make your foundation apply like a dream! It is quite pricey at £66/$85 and you don't get that much product but you literally need the tiniest drop to cover your whole face.

More skincare! The Votary 'Jasmine and Calendula' facial oil is amazing for the days when your skin is having a bad time. If I am having some sensitivity issues or some redness then I apply a little drop of this to the area and it feels amazing. It is the softest oil that I have ever used, honestly it feels like silk on your skin and it really does help calm everything down. I apply this at night just before the Cloud 9 Mask and it works wonders. This is another expensive item at £65/$102 and it will be launching in Space.NK later this year.

The last skincare item & probably my favourite product of the month. Sol De Janeiro has just launched in the UK, and I feel like I have been waiting for this moment for many years. I was in Selfridges and had to take a quick smell of their range and they are the nicest smelling range of products that I have ever encountered. Most of their products have the same scent, so if you enjoy it then you will love their other products! I can't really describe it, you just have to go and have a look yourself but if you love honey/vanilla/almond scents then you will fall in love. I got my hands on the Bum Bum Cream (£44/$45) and the Brazilian 4 Play shower cream (£21/$25) and then had to also get the lip balm because I fell so hard in love for this range. The Bum Bum cream is a body butter, and the smell stays with you for the whole day & night. I have had so many compliments from using this and it has really helped with my psoriasis on my elbows and stomach! If there is one product from this list that you are planning on buying, then I really suggest this one.

A new perfume that I discovered this month was from Clean Reserve. I was really intrigued by their range because they all seem to be quite minimal/natural scents. I love a woody fragrance (anything with the word oud in the title) and I am always looking for something new. I picked up the Sueded Oud ($95) & Velvet Flora ($95) fragrances and they actually encourage you to mix the scents together to create a bespoke perfume. They are very different but they work so well together. A fragrance is so hard to explain because you either like them or you don't, but if you check out their range then i'm sure you will find something you love. They also have a set of minis that is perfect to get a taste of the scents and to mix together.

My final product is obviously a highlighter, is it a favourites without at least one highlighter? I always favour a liquid one, as they don't sit on skin texture and can look a lot more natural. The Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Liquid Glow' range is a lot thicker than traditional highlighting fluids, but I prefer this because it doesn't dribble everywhere when you apply it because it comes in a squeezy tube. There is four shades available and my absolute favourite is 'Oyster'. They are around £20/$20 each so kind of in the middle on price but you can also mix these in with foundations and apply them to the body which is a major plus!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will be back again tomorrow with something new so please make sure you are subscribed to keep up to date.


Nathan Dalby