ASOS Beauty - Come Together Event / by plasticloafer


Unfortunately I didn't take my camera to the event, so all of the photos in this post were taken by the talented Miles Drury from ASOS!  Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to London for the ASOS Beauty Come Together event to get an inside look at the newest issue of ASOS magazine and to see some upcoming trends for this summer. I had never been to London before, my anxiety has always held me back from travelling but it was an opportunity that I couldn't turn down. I was so nervous about the train journey and being somewhere new, so I took a little bottle of rescue spray and my partner, Lewis and headed down!

When we arrived at the venue, which was an amazing studio just outside of the city, we got to have a peak at some of the new and exciting launches coming to ASOS in the coming weeks and there was even a flat lay station (but i'll come back to that later in the post). After mingling with a few other influencers/bloggers we were taken into the main studio which had been set up like a make up class! We each had our own station with a mirror, tonnes of makeup and a little tripod for obvious selfie reasons.

This is where the fun began! After a brief introduction from the amazing people at ASOS, we sat through a talk with three of the models from the upcoming magazine issue. From makeup tips to diversity within the modelling industry, it was a fantastic conversation that was so refreshing to have after the recent attacks in the UK. We then moved on to upcoming makeup trends for the summer and had a trio of tutorials from makeup artist Anne Sophie Costa. The first look was a bronzey summer glow using the new Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer to add warmth to the skin, and then she added a hint of shimmer to the high points of the face using the Ciate Dewy Stix!

Next up was glitter! Festival season is just around the corner so ASOS has a huge selection of glitter pots, stickers and body jewellery on their site to help fulfil your unicorn dreams. As she created this look on a male model, it was toned down quite a bit and blue glitter was added just underneath the eye. Honestly, this was my favourite look as it would be so perfect for a festival if you didn't want to go to crazy with your makeup.

The last look was a super vibrant blue eye. This is the colour for summer 2017 and this looked so gorgeous on the models skin-tone. The eye was completely smoked out using different shades of blue pigment and it gave quite a grungy effect to the whole look.

All of the models looked amazing once their looks were finished, now I just need to go to a festival and stock up on blue glitter, maybe this is the perfect way to correct my under eye bags? After this we all had the opportunity to create our own flat lays using any props or products that we could find. This was my favourite part of the whole experience and one can only dream of having a set up like this for everyday use. I went a little crazy and chose some of the watermelon from the food that was provided and picked some bits from the makeup stations.

I was actually really chuffed with my photo, it only took a couple of slight movements to get the perfect shot and now I just need to get all the info on the camera and lens they used because look how sharp that photo is!

I had such a lovely day, for my experience in London and my first time at an ASOS event. It did take me two days for my legs to recover though, I don't think I have walked that much in my entire life!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and make sure you check out all of the new launches at ASOS!


Nathan Dalby.