Artis Palm Brush: The Ultimate Grooming Tool / by Nathan Dalby


If you haven't heard of the Artis Makeup Brush company, then where have you been for the past two years? They went viral in 2o14 due to the unique shape of their brushes and everyone was left speechless when they saw how perfectly and flawlessly they applied makeup. The brushes are designed for you to use on yourself, whereas all other conventional brushes have been fashioned for use on other people or surfaces, like a paint brush. I’ve been using them for about a year now. I suffer from really irritable skin and when I felt how soft the fibres on the brushes were, I had to have one (or two) and I’ve been using them religiously since.


I was lucky enough to receive a lovely parcel from Artis this morning. It contained the all new 'Palm Brush' and the two tools from their cleaning system. First thoughts? It’s the cutest thing on earth. Like all other Artis brushes, it’s made from thousands of CosmeFibres that are exclusive to the brand. The main difference between this brush and their others? This one doesn't have a handle. It is an ergonomic design which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Hence the name. With this new design, the brush can be used on the body, as well as the face, to apply products. The head on the brush is a similar size to their 'Oval 10' that I use every day to apply creams and foundation


So why do I believe that this is the ultimate grooming tool? How many brushes do you own that will apply all of the following?:

  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen
  • Body Cream
  • Tanning Lotion
  • Foundation, Concealer
  • Powder
  • Bronzer, Highlighter and Contour

Im guessing the answer was none? The 'Palm Brush' doesn't only apply all of these types of product, it does it beautifully and evenly. One of my favourite things about this brush is that because the CosmeFibres are so dense, it never absorbs product, it sits on the fibres and spreads it across your face or body. Which for foundation increases coverage and even helps you save product because none is going to waste.


Once you have used the brush to apply a powder product, just wipe it several times on the 'Brush Cleaning Pad' which will leave it clean and ready to use again. If you have used a liquid or want to give your brush a full clean, then simply apply a small amount of the 'Cleansing Foam' to the pad, dip the tip of the brush lightly into it and then wipe clean on the microfibres of the pad. The brush will dry completely in a few minutes. This saves so much time and you don't have to worry that you are damaging the brush in any way.

foundation-gif  foundation-gifs

The brush retails for £52 ($65) which may seem steep for a makeup brush, but I can honestly say I have never used something like it. Flawless application of product, multiple uses and a beautiful design. Do I need to say anymore?

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, I really loved receiving and reviewing this product and have in turn found something that I'll be using every day.

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Nathan Dalby.