Artis 'BrushCraft Collection' First Impressions & Comparison / by plasticloafer


As you all know by now, my favourite makeup brushes of all time are from Artis. They do have a luxury price point, but I have never found a nicer finish from a brush or sponge and after using them for 2+ years, I still reach for them on a daily basis. There are millions of 'dupes' on the market that you can pick up for under £20 for a full set, but they don't come close to the flawless application and airbrushed appearance that you get from using an oval brush from Artis. The price has always been a problem for them though, with most people being dedicated to a beauty blender that costs £12, why would they buy a single brush that they may not like for £60? This is where their new BrushCraft range comes in, they have stripped back all of the flashy packaging but kept the one thing that people buy the brushes for, the super dense fibres on the head. By doing this they have halved the price, and what you get is a sleek, all black, minimal brush that does its job.

There is currently four brushes in the collection;

Oval 6 (£29/$26.50) - Foundation, Concealer, Contour, Bronzer & Setting Powder

Oval 3 (£22/$18.50) - Concealer, Eyeshadow & Lips

Linear 1 (£22/$18.50) Liner, Brows & Eyeshadow

Circle 1r (£22/$18.50) Concealer, Lips, Brows & Eyeshadow

I have listed above the claims for the brushes that are listed on the back of their boxes and on the Artis site, but I think they missed a trick with a couple of the brushes. The Linear 1 is a super thin brush which would be perfect for a nose contour or to carve out the cheeks and personally I don't see how the Oval 3 could be used for eyeshadow? But saying that, I don't wear it so I can't really comment. The one big selling point for these brushes are that you end up using less product because of how dense they are. You can turn a foundation from a medium coverage to a full because of how much it packs on, the fibres don't absorb anything so you can actually end up saving money by using them (I know, you can use that excuse to your partner if you want to buy them, I have).

As I have two other Oval 6 brushes from the Elite & Digit collections, I decided to compare them. Before I continue, please excuse the state of the brush in the centre. It has been used to its death and I haven't taken as good care of it as I should but it is still going strong. The fibres feel the same, all as dense and compact as each other and I think I actually prefer the design of the BrushCraft Oval 6. My one problem with the Digit 6 was that it had a slight border around the edge so you couldn't get right into the corner of your eye to blend out concealer so I am happy that they have gone back to the old design. After using the new brush to apply concealer, it has the exact same effect as the older brushes which I am over the moon about and I hope that they expand the range to include the Oval 10 and 8.

If you are looking to try some new brushes and have been interested in the Oval design then I think that these would be the perfect introduction for you. I will give an updated review in a couple of months to see how they have lasted, but I do have extremely high hopes.

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Nathan Dalby