Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 - First Impressions & Swatches by plasticloafer


It is that time of year again, and my all time favourite brand, Hourglass is getting ready to release their holiday palettes. This year they have done something a little different and they are releasing two limited edition palettes which will be available at the end of this month in the UK. If you are in the US, then you can actually get your hands on this and the 'Ambient Metallic Strobe Light' palette right now from their official site and they cost $80/$62.

Unfortunately I don't have my hands on the Strobe Light palette just yet but I did manage to get hold of their 'Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3' and oh my god, it is perfect. As you all probably know, this is the third edition of this palette and unlike the previous edition, it features 6 different powders. The packaging is very similar to Volume 1, as it has the rose gold packaging and the layout of the powders is the same. My love for Hourglass only started early last year so I don't actually have that palette so I can't show you a comparison but trust me on this one, they do look alike.

I do however have last years palette, so I will include a side by side in this post so you can see the difference between the two. I was a huge fan of last years edition, but I do know the general reaction to it was a bit 'meh', because of the selection of powders inside the palette. I still use that palette, so for me it was money well spent and it is kind of a collectors item now so it's lovely to pull out every now and again.

As you can see, they have really stepped it up this year with the packaging and powder selection. Inside you get two finishing powders, one strobe powder, one bronzer and two blushes + three of the powders are actually brand new shades and currently only available in this palette (the two blushes & strobe powder).

Hourglass' huge selling point is their powders, they are the best, period. It is something that everybody seems to agree on because of how extremely soft, subtle and blendable they are. I have used their setting powders since last year and have never found anything that works as well for me, but I do love a soft glowy finish to my skin. All of the powders in this palette have a slight shimmer, so if you prefer your bronzer & blush to be matte then I don't think this will be your cup of tea.

The price is high, you can't deny it. I haven't received the official pricing for the UK just yet but it is $80 in the States so it is safe to assume it will be around that to over here. But you get a lot for your money, all of these powders when sold individually do retail for between £30 - £45 each so even though you get a smaller size single powder, you do get a selection of six.

The swatches above were honestly the simplest swatches that I have ever done. Sometimes you do have to spend a while blending them out to make them even but with this palette it took seconds for each swipe. I haven't actually used it on my face yet but I know the formula and I know that I will love it. You can see that there is shimmer in each of the shades, some more than others but they don't give you a highlight, just a soft glow when the light hits your face. You know when people say that pregnant women are glowing? This is that glow packaged up.

If you collect the holiday edits, then you need this one. If you are wanting to try out Hourglass for the first time then this would be a great starter for you to get a feel for the brand and their powders. If you have the first palette and aren't sure whether to get this one then have a play in store when it is released, I'm sure you will fall in love just like I have.

I believe that this palette will be available on the 29th September in the UK, and you will be able to pick it up at Space.NK & Harvey Nichols. I am sorry that I don't have a price for you yet but I will get this updated as soon as I find out!

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August Favourites! by plasticloafer


(As I am writing this, I just realised that all of these items are on the expensive side, I'll make sure to get some good drugstore finds in my favourites next month for you!)

These are by far my favourite type of posts to do, I think that it is nice to give a little recognition to some products that have worked really well for you throughout the month! Most of these products are skincare, I have had a little trouble with my skin again this month so I was on a mission to try and settle it down and I have managed to get it to how I want it.

August has been my favourite month of the year so far, I have had so many great opportunities that I have been involved with and I am really enjoying blogging again. So thank you all for your amazing comments and for keeping me sane!

First up we have 'Good Night Deep Sleep Nourishing Mask' from Cloud 9 Skincare Solutions. I had never heard of this company before, and a little parcel turned up on my door last month with this product in it. As you all know (I probably say in every post), I have really dry skin so anything that claims to bring me moisture is a must. I applied this the night before an event, and my skin was glowing when I woke up the next day. It made my skin feel so plumped up and smooth, which I have never really experienced before with a sleeping mask. I have used it every night since then and I have almost emptied the whole bottle! It retails for £38 and it is a large bottle with 50ml of product inside. If you suffer with dry skin and need a good night cream then I highly suggest picking this up!

Next is the Oskia 'Get Up & Glow' serum, Oh my god it is so pretty. I apply this after my skincare but before makeup as it goes quite tacky and is perfect as a primer. It leaves your skin with a subtle glow that really traps in moisture and make your foundation apply like a dream! It is quite pricey at £66/$85 and you don't get that much product but you literally need the tiniest drop to cover your whole face.

More skincare! The Votary 'Jasmine and Calendula' facial oil is amazing for the days when your skin is having a bad time. If I am having some sensitivity issues or some redness then I apply a little drop of this to the area and it feels amazing. It is the softest oil that I have ever used, honestly it feels like silk on your skin and it really does help calm everything down. I apply this at night just before the Cloud 9 Mask and it works wonders. This is another expensive item at £65/$102 and it will be launching in Space.NK later this year.

The last skincare item & probably my favourite product of the month. Sol De Janeiro has just launched in the UK, and I feel like I have been waiting for this moment for many years. I was in Selfridges and had to take a quick smell of their range and they are the nicest smelling range of products that I have ever encountered. Most of their products have the same scent, so if you enjoy it then you will love their other products! I can't really describe it, you just have to go and have a look yourself but if you love honey/vanilla/almond scents then you will fall in love. I got my hands on the Bum Bum Cream (£44/$45) and the Brazilian 4 Play shower cream (£21/$25) and then had to also get the lip balm because I fell so hard in love for this range. The Bum Bum cream is a body butter, and the smell stays with you for the whole day & night. I have had so many compliments from using this and it has really helped with my psoriasis on my elbows and stomach! If there is one product from this list that you are planning on buying, then I really suggest this one.

A new perfume that I discovered this month was from Clean Reserve. I was really intrigued by their range because they all seem to be quite minimal/natural scents. I love a woody fragrance (anything with the word oud in the title) and I am always looking for something new. I picked up the Sueded Oud ($95) & Velvet Flora ($95) fragrances and they actually encourage you to mix the scents together to create a bespoke perfume. They are very different but they work so well together. A fragrance is so hard to explain because you either like them or you don't, but if you check out their range then i'm sure you will find something you love. They also have a set of minis that is perfect to get a taste of the scents and to mix together.

My final product is obviously a highlighter, is it a favourites without at least one highlighter? I always favour a liquid one, as they don't sit on skin texture and can look a lot more natural. The Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Liquid Glow' range is a lot thicker than traditional highlighting fluids, but I prefer this because it doesn't dribble everywhere when you apply it because it comes in a squeezy tube. There is four shades available and my absolute favourite is 'Oyster'. They are around £20/$20 each so kind of in the middle on price but you can also mix these in with foundations and apply them to the body which is a major plus!

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Nathan Dalby



Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks Review & Swatches by plasticloafer


Every now and again a product comes along that looks a little gimmicky, and a tiny percentage of those actually end up working really well (I am not looking at you MAC Roller Wheel Liner). Ciate London has just launched the 'Glitter Flip' lipsticks, that claim to be a metallic matte that transforms into a multi dimensional glitter lip after you press your lips together. They are priced at £17/ $19 each and come in seven different shades. Those shades are:

Fortune: Dark Purple (UK/US)

Candy: Light Pink (UK/US)

Infamous: Berry (UK/US)

Hollywood: Red (UK/US)

Forbidden: Dark Red (UK/US)

Iconic: Black (UK/US)

Siren: Teal (UK/US)

I was lucky enough to be sent three press samples from Ciate to test out, and those shades were Candy, Infamous & Iconic. I had seen a couple of reviews of them of youtube already so I did have quite high hopes and was really excited.

The colours are stunning, there is no doubt about it. In the tubes they do look like a lip gloss topper but they are incredibly opaque once you apply them. I had to bring in my friend Jessica to help out with the lip swatches, because I have never applied lipstick to myself in my life and it would just be a hot mess!

They apply like a matte lipstick and dry down completely after a couple of minutes. You can see a couple of specks of glitter peeking through but that really doesn't matter since you will be pressing your lips together anyway. Now the fun part, after she did press her lips together it was like a completely different lipstick. The change from matte to full on glitter is crazy, and we were both in shock at how quickly and easily it happened. It is such a fun experience to see, and they really do look gorgeous after. The more you press your lips together, the more glitter shows up so it does keep getting better. I think that for a night out or for a festival, these would look amazing! My favourite was obviously 'Iconic', the glitter on the lip made it look like one of those NASA photos of space and it was really cool.

After seeing them in action, I can confirm that they are not a gimmick. It would take so long to achieve this kind of look using different products so the fact that you can just apply a single lipstick and then your done is the huge selling point for them.

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Nathan Dalby


Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation Review by plasticloafer


I have always wanted to try Wet n Wild, but as everybody knows, it is not available in the UK. I have looked on Amazon before and seen that they do have a range of products but they differ in price and are often over £20 for a brand that is considered to be one of the cheapest drugstore brands in the US. I contemplated getting a few items imported from overseas but the additional shipping costs just made in very unreasonable. I have heard that Max Factor is the UK equivalent of Wet n Wild, and this does seem to be true but at this moment they do not have their own version of the Photofocus foundation. Both brands are owned by the same company, so it does make sense for them to sell the same products that are just packaged differently for different markets but the range over here just isn't the same.

I was browsing Amazon last week and decided to see if there was any changes on the Wet n Wild situation and I was pleasantly surprised. An independent seller is now selling all shades of the Photofocus foundation for £10 including shipping. This is still more expensive the $5.99 price tag in the US but this is something that I am sure we are all used to by now. So I tried to work out my shade and ordered a bottle of 'Soft Ivory'.


The reason I was so adamant to order this foundation is solely because of the reviews, this is apparently one of the best. I have dry skin, so I was a little bit apprehensive to see how it handled dry patches and texture.

The applicator is a little odd, it is a paddle shape and you just dip it into the bottle. I can imagine this getting quite unsanitary after a while (why isn't a pump the standard) but this does mean that you can control how much product you want to use. It is very watery and does have quite a chemically smell but this does disappear after you blend it out.

This is a full coverage foundation, there is no doubt about it. The product goes along way, you only need a couple of dots on your face to cover your entire head (I'm not exaggerating) and the finish is beautiful. I think I did really well matching myself on the website even though there is 30 shades! Normally I am the palest shade, so it is great to see such a broad spectrum of colour as they have such a vast range.

Above, I have included a couple of photos of how the foundation looks once blended out onto bare skin with no primer using an Artis Oval 10. You can see that two layers of the product completely erases any discolouration (included my moles) and blurs out my pores. This foundation does have a matte finish so if you are looking for a little bit of glow then this isn't the product for you.

I have used it for a couple of days and didn't notice any dry patches coming through and it stayed put throughout the day extremely well! I didn't have to touch up around my eyes at all and as a dry skin sufferer, I don't get oily so I can't really comment on that.

It really reminds me of the new YSL All Hours foundation (which I have also been testing) and that is £33.50/ $58, so this is a bargain compared to that. The finish is exactly the same and there is 8 more shade options with the Wet n Wild.

I am falling in love with it, like everybody in America seems to be and it is making me want to try out a lot more products from the brand.

If you are from the UK, then have a look on Amazon! They are adding more products everyday so it is worth checking out to see if you can find something that you are struggling to find over here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I will be posting again tomorrow so make sure you are subscribed to keep up to date!


Nathan Dalby


July Favourites! by plasticloafer


I'm back! I decided to take a little break from my blog for a month just so I could focus more on the photography aspect of my posts. I love taking photographs and editing them, its the thing I enjoy the most about being a blogger so I am always trying to improve or learn new things to test out. Since we have just entered August, I thought the best post for me to start with would be my July favourites! There was so many amazing launches last month but I found myself going back to a couple of classics. Lets get into it.

First up we have the 'Super Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum' from Beauty Pie. I have spoken a lot about Beauty Pie in the past and now that they have added a skincare line to their site, I can't get enough. I have really dry skin so I struggle with finding a moisturiser that really plumps and keeps moisture locked in. This product has been my lifesaver for the warmer weather and my skin still feels hydrated at the end of the day. It retails for £7 if you are a member but is £70 if you aren't so I still highly suggest signing up if you haven't already!

Next we have the updated Boi-ing range from Benefit Cosmetics! I just need to say that the 'Airbrush Concealer' is literally the smoothest product ever. It has a cooling sensation when you use it under your eyes and it blends out flawlessly! The other products include the Brightening Concealer, Hydrating Concealer and the Industrial Strength Concealer. If you are going to try a product from the range then I highly suggest the Airbrush!

These three products from Cover Fx have been my holy grails for July. The two 'Custom Infusion Drops' are the Hydrating & Soothing type. I use the Hydrating drops mixed in with my foundation and it leaves your skin looking so dewy and plumped up! The Soothing drops have saved me when my skin has been super sensitive and dry. I have also fallen back in love with the 'Moonlight' enhancing drops. If you mix a little drop in with moisturiser or foundation then you will have a lovely subtle glow or you can apply the drops directly to your cheekbones for a blinding highlight!

The final products & another classic are the Laura Mercier powders. You can purchase them as a set for around £30 and you get the translucent setting powder, illuminating powder & under eye powder. All of the powders are so finely milled and for someone with dry skin, they don't leave you looking cakey. Could you ask for anything more from a powder?

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and I am so glad to be back from my little blogging break. Make sure you are following me on instagram for daily updates.


Nathan Dalby


Battle of the Liquid Highlighters: Cover Fx vs. Iconic London by plasticloafer


Today we have the most 2017 style battle ever, Cover Fx vs Iconic London. They have both created their own liquid highlighters/illuminators but which one is better? It isn't that easy to decide unfortunately. I have been using both types for a while now, and to be honest I love them equally. So for this post I am going to have to delve into the details and look more into this than just swatches. Lets get started:



This one is definitely a win for Cover Fx, they are way more widely available than Iconic London at this time. Iconic has only become popular in the last year or so, and they have grown an incredible amount in the past few months but you can still only purchase them in a select few places like Cult Beauty & Harvey Nichols here in the UK. Obviously you can order from their official site which does have international shipping so everyone across the pond can get them but Cover Fx is in a lot more stores and in many more online boutiques.


There is a £1 difference in price, and the winner here is Iconic London. It isn't a big win, but every little helps! You can order the Iconic London drops for £32.99 on Cult Beauty, while the Cover Fx enhancer drops will set you back £34 in the UK. However, if you are in the US then the difference in price gets larger and the Iconic Drops still work out cheaper.


Another win for Cover Fx, as they completely own this part of the battle. They have nine different colours to pick from compared to three shades from Iconic London (two of which are limited edition).


This is where it gets tricky, you will see why in the swatches. I compared Celestial from Cover Fx and Shine from Iconic London and there was no difference, they are exactly the same. I had always thought that they looked similar in the bottles and was shocked when I saw them side by side:

The pigment is the same, they are blinding. They only thing that I can see a difference in is the formula, I found the Iconic London drops a little easier to blend but only by a tiny amount. Both products are amazing, you can't fault them at all so this round is a draw.


At this moment, I think the winner is Cover Fx for two reasons; the shade range and availability. You have to applaud Iconic London, you see so many of these instagram style brands but for their products to actually perform this well and become so popular in such a short amount of time is amazing. They are still in their infancy and I honestly wish them all the best. I will continue to use both products, because they are fantastic highlighters and well done to Cover Fx, you get a little gold star from me!

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Nathan Dalby

Jouer Highlighters: Citrine, Rose Gold, Skinny Dip - First Impressions + Swatches by plasticloafer


As I sit here and write this post, with BBC news on in the background and the announcements of more casualties from the Manchester bombing, I can't help but think that me posting about makeup is really that important at this time. My hometown has shown so much strength and we have all come together in the past two days to help in anyway that we can, and try to carry on as normal and show that this devastation will not affect us. I had my day yesterday to grieve and pray for those who have been involved, so as today is a new day, I will carry on with my little blog. 

Jouer Cosmetics has been on my radar since NikkieTutorials raved about the highlighters in one of her videos last year, and I have struggled ever since to get my hands on any of the shades that would suit my skintone. As I was browsing instagram afew days ago, I saw that Cult Beauty had just launched the new 'Skinny Dip' collection and restocked some of the other highlights. So I jumped onto the laptop and ordered three shades (Citrine, Rose Gold & Skinny Dip).

They only cost £19 each, which is quite cheap compared to the single highlighters that I normally purchase and the have six different shades to choose from in this size. They also have a smaller highlighter called Ice that costs £18 and is impossible to get hold of in the UK!

The formula is the smoothest that I have ever felt in any highlighter, and the pigmentation is just right for a a soft glow. The thing with these highlighters is, is that you can build them up to be completely blinding and they don't cake up at all.


Citrine - Gold with a white reflect, perfect for pale skintones

Rose Gold - Copper toned with a pink/orange reflect, great for light to medium skintones

Skinny Dip - Warm gold, this would look stunning on warm to deep skintones.

As you can see from the swatches, they are incredibly pigmented and really smooth. They do not appear glittery at all and are so reflective! If you are looking for a soft glow or even blinding highlight then you should definitely check these out, and for the price you can't really go wrong.

I know that this has been a short post but I will be back soon in the near future with some extra content. I hope are all safe, and to my friends and followers in the UK, spend some time with your family and close ones as you never know when they can be taken from you.

I love you all.

Nathan Dalby.


Tom Ford Soleil 2017: Sheer Highlighting Duo by plasticloafer


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet up with one of the gorgeous PR girls from Tom Ford Beauty, Christina. I was introduced to a preview of the Summer 2017 Soleil collection and as soon as I sat down, I was obviously drawn to the highlighter. A lot of luxury brands have missed the mark with highlighters, and when you are paying that sort of money you really want something exceptional so when I swatched it and saw the pigment, I was hooked. Christina was lovely, she answered every single question with ease about the collection and honestly it just felt like I was having a catch up with a friend. There is nothing worse than meeting someone from a brand and it leaving a bad taste in your mouth, but after this I just wanted to go and buy everything.

The highlighter retails for £58/$78 (Selfridges/Sephora)and it comes in the beautiful Soleil style white and gold compact. You also get one of those little white sleeves for the compact which I don't think anybody actually uses, and inside are two highlighter pans. The shade name for this compact is 'Reflects Gilt' which kind of gives the impression that they could be adding more highlighters in future collections? I hope they do. The pan sizes are generous, and the quilted pattern is a nice contrast from the super sleek packaging.

The two highlighters unfortunately don't have names, but there is a stunning gold and a warm toned rosey copper shade. They do seem quite dark in the compact, but they are incredibly reflective and quite light once you swatch them, and they are buildable if you want something more intense. The gold suits my skin tone perfectly, whereas the rose shade would be gorgeous on someone with a deeper complexion.

The one thing I really appreciate about these highlighters is how shimmery they are, they don't come of glittery at all. This is a product that if you buy, you will use. It won't just sit in a drawer looking pretty for two years before you decide to sell it. Having owned this for a couple of days, I can already see it being one of my favourite products of the year so far.

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Nathan Dalby


Artis 'BrushCraft Collection' First Impressions & Comparison by plasticloafer


As you all know by now, my favourite makeup brushes of all time are from Artis. They do have a luxury price point, but I have never found a nicer finish from a brush or sponge and after using them for 2+ years, I still reach for them on a daily basis. There are millions of 'dupes' on the market that you can pick up for under £20 for a full set, but they don't come close to the flawless application and airbrushed appearance that you get from using an oval brush from Artis. The price has always been a problem for them though, with most people being dedicated to a beauty blender that costs £12, why would they buy a single brush that they may not like for £60? This is where their new BrushCraft range comes in, they have stripped back all of the flashy packaging but kept the one thing that people buy the brushes for, the super dense fibres on the head. By doing this they have halved the price, and what you get is a sleek, all black, minimal brush that does its job.

There is currently four brushes in the collection;

Oval 6 (£29/$26.50) - Foundation, Concealer, Contour, Bronzer & Setting Powder

Oval 3 (£22/$18.50) - Concealer, Eyeshadow & Lips

Linear 1 (£22/$18.50) Liner, Brows & Eyeshadow

Circle 1r (£22/$18.50) Concealer, Lips, Brows & Eyeshadow

I have listed above the claims for the brushes that are listed on the back of their boxes and on the Artis site, but I think they missed a trick with a couple of the brushes. The Linear 1 is a super thin brush which would be perfect for a nose contour or to carve out the cheeks and personally I don't see how the Oval 3 could be used for eyeshadow? But saying that, I don't wear it so I can't really comment. The one big selling point for these brushes are that you end up using less product because of how dense they are. You can turn a foundation from a medium coverage to a full because of how much it packs on, the fibres don't absorb anything so you can actually end up saving money by using them (I know, you can use that excuse to your partner if you want to buy them, I have).

As I have two other Oval 6 brushes from the Elite & Digit collections, I decided to compare them. Before I continue, please excuse the state of the brush in the centre. It has been used to its death and I haven't taken as good care of it as I should but it is still going strong. The fibres feel the same, all as dense and compact as each other and I think I actually prefer the design of the BrushCraft Oval 6. My one problem with the Digit 6 was that it had a slight border around the edge so you couldn't get right into the corner of your eye to blend out concealer so I am happy that they have gone back to the old design. After using the new brush to apply concealer, it has the exact same effect as the older brushes which I am over the moon about and I hope that they expand the range to include the Oval 10 and 8.

If you are looking to try some new brushes and have been interested in the Oval design then I think that these would be the perfect introduction for you. I will give an updated review in a couple of months to see how they have lasted, but I do have extremely high hopes.

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Nathan Dalby

Testing Drugstore Highlighters: NYX Cosmetics by plasticloafer


NYX Cosmetics, would you count them as a drugstore brand? They are a little more expensive than the other brands that I have featured in this series but they are sold in Boots, so I feel like they do fit into the same category. The products that I have today are the 'Strobe of Genius' highlighting palette and all five shades of the 'Duo Chromatic' single illuminating powders. I know that they have a few other liquid and stick highlighters but I am saving those for a future post, so keep your eyes peeled!

I will start with the 'Duo Chromatic' powders that cost £9/$7.99 each and come in five different shades;

  • Synthetica - pink with gold duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Crushed Bloom - dusty rose with pink & blue duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Snow Rose - white with pink & lilac duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Twilight Tint - white with blue duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)
  • Lavender Steel - lavender with pink duo chrome pearls (Selfridges/Ulta)

I fell in love with these with the first swatch, and if you are looking for a dupe of the Mac 'extra dimension skinfinish' powders then these are the products for you! The pigment is incredible, and the effect of the 'duo chrome pearls' when light hits them in stunning. My two favourites are Snow Rose & Lavender Steel, for my skintone they are lovely and add such a subtle colour with the highlight. There is a shade for every complexion and they would be perfect for the upcoming summer. Check out the swatches above and let me know what you think!

Next up is the 'Strobe of Genius' palette that costs £16/$18.99 (Selfridges/Ulta)  and includes seven illuminating powders. I wasn't to sure about this palette whilst I was swatching, there is obviously a different formula for the powders as some swept so softly across my arm whilst a couple of others seemed powdery and lacked pigmentation. The bottom three shades were my favourite, they had a lot of shimmer and instantly blended out. The top row was different, the purple and gold/yellow shade just contained to much powder and really didn't blend out nicely at all, while the two pinky toned shades next to them were lovely and just as smooth as the bottom row.  Unfortunately the shades don't have names so I couldn't label the swatches below, but overall I think that this palette does contain some great highlighters, there is just a couple of duds.

As always it is down to personal opinion, I do have dry skin so for me, the less powdery the better. None of them appeared glittery and I applaud NYX for that, there is nothing worse. I have included links to stores that stock the products in the UK and US so check them out if you are interested and I will see you guys in my next post! Make sure you are subscribed so you can be notified of my future posts and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby




Testing Drugstore Highlighters: Sleek Makeup by plasticloafer


Happy Easter!! Today is Good Friday and the start of the Easter weekend so I hope you all have a lovely time and have a chance to relax with your friends and family. For todays post, we have the next instalment of my testing drugstore highlighters series with Sleek Makeup, which is one of my favourite cheaper brands. I am a huge fan of their colour correcting palette and cream products so I am actually really excited to do this post. Sleek do not offer a huge range of highlighters, only a little palette and an illuminator but each comes in a range of shades.

First up we have the highlighting palette which costs £10.00 and is available in four different shades. I could only manage to get my hands on three of them as they are impossible to get! They seem to be constantly sold out online so my best advice is to try your local Superdrug store and hopefully they will have the one you like in stock. These palettes went viral last year as everybody raved about the formula and pigmentation, and it seems like they are still just as popular. The three that I have are; Precious Metals (top), Solstice (middle) and Cleo's Kiss (bottom) and I have to say that I kind of believe the hype. Each palette contains a mixture of cream and powder highlights, that are extremely pigmented and blend out flawlessly. The packaging is metal and quite heavy which gives it a luxurious feel and overall these are just fantastic highlighters. The swatches below are Precious Metals, Solstice and then Cleo's Kiss as the bottom.

The other highlighting product that Sleek offers is the 'Barekissed Illuminator' which costs £8.99 and is available in four shades. I am a huge fan of the Nars liquid illuminators so I thought I would enjoy these but I was really disappointed. The first time I used the shade 'Cuba', it squirted like pure liquid pink water onto the back of my hand, so I shook the bottle for a good ten seconds and then tried again but the same thing happened. The third time I tried this, I managed to actually get the cream out of the bottle and once blended into the skin it just left a slight pink tint, there was nothing illuminating about it. I couldn't see any shimmer or glow, just a pink hue to my complexion which I didn't like at all. As you can see from the swatch below, it just doesn't really add anything.  I would give this product a miss personally, I haven't tried the other shades so I can't really speak for those so if you are still interested then I suggest going into store and swatching for yourself so you can have a play before you purchase.

I know that this was only a small post but I hope you enjoyed it! As always, please subscribe to my blog to keep up to date with posts and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


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Benefit Cheek Parade First Impressions! by plasticloafer


Yesterday I was in House of Fraser in the city centre and saw a little stand with the Benefit Cheek Parade palette towered on top, it was the first time that I had seen it in store so I ran (let's be honest, I walked quickly) over and literally threw my money onto the counter. My main reason for buying this was because it has the new 'Hoola Light' powder inside, which currently isn't available in the UK. It costs £49.50 and it contains five full sized powders that individually would cost £122.50.

The packaging is amazing! I nearly had a heart attack though when I tipped it upside down to remove the little powder brush from the inside and the whole powder compartment fell into my hands, luckily I caught it but I have no idea whether it is meant to be glued in and mine unfortunately came loose or if that is how it is meant to be? If you do pick this up then just be careful, don't tip it upside down!

Now we can get to the inside, and look at all those powders! All of the powders are full sized, so would cost around £22.50 each if bought individually and it contains both the new GALifornia blush and Hoola light bronzer. I am new to Benefit powders, and have to admit that I have never tried one before! Hoola is a cult favourite, and I felt like this was a really good excuse to try five in one go.

Honestly I think it took me half an hour to work out how I can do five equal swatches without them being in straight lines, I had to google it and I decided on this little pentagon which looks a little wonky. Ill start with 'Rockateur' which is probably my least favourite from the palette, mainly because of my skintone. I think that on a deep complexion this would be such a stunning blush or highlight but for me I don't think that I could make it work. Galifornia is one of their newest powders and is a deep peachy blush with a gold shimmer and it blended like a dream! It is buildable but works perfectly for a subtle blush with a little glow. Dandelion is my favourite of the three blush powders, it is perfect for my skintone and has the tiniest bit of shimmer in the powder to brighten the cheeks and it is the most natural of them all. Hoola is a great universal bronzer but for me is amazing as a contour, and Hoola light is my perfect bronzer! It lightly warms up my complexion and builds up to a soft contour on my cheekbones.

Overall I am really impressed with this palette, and cannot wait to carry on using it. If you are new to Benefit powders like me then this is a fantastic option to try out a range of products for a fraction of the price. As always, thank you so much for reading and make sure you are subscribed for future posts and follow me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby

March Favourites! by plasticloafer


It is officially April 1st, I hope that you didn't get any serious April Fools jokes played on you? I decided to tell my partner that Jessica Lange had died which honestly went down like a lead balloon and nearly caused an argument so learn from my mistakes! There was so many product releases this month, and I was shocked at how many new things I actually tried in March. Some were complete rubbish but others have made their way into my daily routine, so let's get started.

First up we have the three new shades of Cover Fx 'Custom Enhancer Drops' which cost £34 each and are available at Space.NK here in the UK. I first tried their enhancer drops last year with the initial launch and bought myself the shade 'Celestial' which I still use quite often and when I heard about three new shades that were launching I knew I would love them. With a liquid highlight, you can get such a wet look glow that will blind anyone within ten feet of you or you can mix it in with your other products to add a subtle highlight that makes your skin look fresh and dewy. My favourite of the three has to be Blossom, it is such a gorgeous pink tone that is perfect for spring/summer and it adds a lovely colour to your cheeks. If you haven't tried any of the enhancer drops then I suggest going into store and having a play, you won't be disappointed.

Next up is the Merci Handy cleansing gels that cost £3 from Topshop in the UK. The thing that I have always wished for in England is a Bath & Bodyworks store, because their products smell absolutely amazing. So when I first discovered these little hand sanitisers in one of my beauty advent calendars at Christmas, I instantly knew this was my new addiction. They smell amazing, thats all I can say. I have to carry one with me at all times now and I think a little OCD is starting but I really don't mind. They also have hand creams, toothpaste and facial mists that I am yet to try but if they smell as great as these then I am sure I will love them too.

Another highlighter that I haven't stopped using this month is the Stila 'Heavens Hue' in the shade Kitten which costs £28 and is available in two other shades. If you like your highlighter to contain no glitter then this is perfect for you, oh my god it's amazing. The pan is a weird spongey material that is perfect to dip your damp beauty blender into, and it applies like a dream. It is an ultimate wet look highlight that can be built up to create a blinding glow. I know that they did a little trio set around Christmas that I am so upset I didn't purchase and it contained all three of the shades so if that is available in your area then I suggest picking it up.

Next we have the Charlotte Tilbury 'Airbrush Flawless Finish' powder which costs £33 and is available in three shades. I first saw this on Jaclyn Hill's Youtube channel and as soon as she described how soft her skin felt after applying it, I was already in a taxi on my way to purchase it. As I have such dry skin, powders don't tend to work well for me at all and it is extremely rare that I find one that I like. I apply this with a powder puff and it completely sets any makeup in place and blurs out any imperfections or texture on your skin. I also bought the darkest shade which is perfect for bronzing, it is a cool tone brown that I use to lightly contour my cheeks and it's bloody amazing.

Finally we have the Cover Fx 'Natural Finish' foundation which costs £34 and is available in 40 Shades! I have been using the Hourglass vanish foundation stick for months and I felt like I needed to try something new, as I have dry skin the matte finish just wasn't working for me anymore. It is quite a thick cream and does have a dewy finish so if you have oily skin then I don't think that this product would be for you, but for all you fellow dry sisters out there, this is your dream foundation. The first time I wore this I received so many compliments on my skin, and the finish is so soft and airbrushed. I haven't put this down this month and I have to give an honourable mention the the new Cover Fx illuminating setting spray which is my new favourite and also the most awkward thing to photograph.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and let me know your faves for the month! As always, make sure you are subscribed for future posts and are following me on instagram for daily updates!


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Testing Drugstore Highlighters: Makeup Revolution by plasticloafer


Hello! Today I have the second instalment of my drugstore highlighters series, and in this post we will be looking at Makeup Revolution. They have been around in the UK for years, but I have noticed that they have started to get a lot of attention internationally which is amazing for them! I love it when a British brand starts to expand and get bigger so I wish them all the best for that. They are sold exclusively in Superdrug here in the UK and online at Tam Beauty, who I believe is their parent company and their prices range from £1 all the way up to £50 for a gorgeous storage chest that is filled with products. I have a selection of four different types of highlighters that they sell either online or in store, and I'll say now that a couple of them are bloody good, so let's get started. P.S The sun decided to come out today and blow all of my photos exposure way out.

First up we have two of their 'Strobing Highlighter' powders which cost £3 each and are available in six shades. The shades that I have here are Gold Addict (top) and Radiant Lights (bottom) and I have to say that I am not that impressed with them. They are incredibly powdery, not very reflective and just a bit 'meh'. Strobing is basically highlighting without contouring, so you need quite a powerful glow to get that effect and these two just didn't do anything for me. The shades do look lovely in their pans, but the swatches and application let them down.

Next up are the 'Vivid Baked' highlighters which also cost £3 and come in four shades. These two did a lot better than the strobing powders, they were highly reflective and they have a slight iridescence which is beautiful when the light hits them. I did find them quite powdery as well but it was manageable, and blending was easy with a soft brush. To be honest I would say that this formula should have been used in the strobing powders as they give off a wet look highlight, perfect for a strobe. I like these, and will definitely be using them in the future.

I was most excited for these two 'Skin Kiss' highlighters, the most annoying thing is that I did have the third shade and it must have legs because I cannot find it anywhere. Anyway, they cost £5 and the two shades here are Peach Kiss (top) and Ice Kiss (bottom). The packaging is amazing, the pans are huge and the highlight didn't let me down! They really remind of the Jeffree Star Skinfrost highlighters, and since these are £5 each I would argue to get these instead. The formula is extremely soft, it blends out flawlessly and they are super reflective, everything you want in a highlighter. At the moment they are only available on Tam Beauty, I have no idea if or when they are coming to Superdrug so keep your eyes out!

Finally we have the 'Ultra Pro Glow' palette which costs £10 and contains eight different shades. As you can tell by the photo, mine is battered and bruised because I use it so much. The range of colours means that there is something to suit any skintone and most of them are fantastic! The top two shades on the swatches match my skintone so well that you can't really see them in the photo, only when my wrist moves can you see the reflection which is what I love. I did notice however that a couple of the shades seemed quite chalky and didn't blend out as nicely, so it looks like the formula isn't the same throughout the palette but for £10 you still get six great highlighters.

Overall I think that some of the highlighters are duds and the others are great, and I do like a lot of the other products that Makeup Revolution does offer so I would say they pass my highlighter test. They could improve their formulas for a couple of products and maybe expand on their shades but other than that, I would suggest going to have a play yourself and see what you think.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are enjoying this series as I am loving getting to try out brands that are new to me and finding some hidden gem highlighters. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog for future posts and following me on instagram for daily updates!


Nathan Dalby

Beauty Pie: March Purchases by plasticloafer


So it is officially the end of March, and that means that I have unfortunately completed my three month membership with Beauty Pie. I now have a decision to make, do I keep paying the £10 per month to get the products at factory cost, or do I end it completely? My last order from them arrived yesterday, so I will let you know my final verdict at the end of this post. If you are unaware of Beauty Pie and how they work then make sure you check out my other post here where I explain everything. My order this month was a little different. As Beauty Pie is growing so quickly, they are adding new products every week and I had to sit at my laptop for about 20 minutes to finally decide what I wanted to order. I went with the two eyeshadow palettes, the liquid luminizer and one of their brand new super luminous concealers.


First up we have the two eyeshadow palettes which contain 10 shades and cost under £7 each with a membership. I don't wear eyeshadow but for £14 for two palettes, I had to test them out. The styles of the palettes are 'Smoky' and 'Natural' and you get a mixture of matte and shimmery shadows. When I was swatching the palettes, I found that there was no fallout, the powders were incredibly smooth and velvety and they blended out flawlessly. They aren't the most pigmented powders but each one builded up nicely to an opaque shade. You do have to consider that I did do this without a primer or concealer on my arm so it was just my bare skin, but saying that they did exceptionally well. The colour selection of each are beautiful, you can instantly see how well they would work together. I have included my swatches above, the natural palette is first and smoky is underneath.



Next is the 'Super Luminous Concealer' which was released last week and costs £2.67 with a membership. I am unsure about this one as my main issue is the shade range. I ordered the lightest shade (Fair 100) and it is still way to dark and warm toned for me which is such a shame. I don't think that starting out with 5 shades of concealer is a good way to comfortably accommodate a lot of different skintones and I am not even that pale! The formula and coverage is wonderful, everything that I would look for in a concealer but it is just the complete wrong shade for me. I also don't like the applicator, it is like a fuzzy ball at the tip which the product comes through when you squeeze it. I can't see this being very hygienic after a lot of uses and it does get quite messy. All of their concealers and foundations are wonderful, they just aren't their yet with the shade ranges.

Finally we have the 'Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer' which comes in one shade and costs £2.70 with a membership. This one for me is an all around winner, I love it! I mix a tiny amount in with my moisturiser before I apply any makeup and it instantly gives me a subtle glow. It is incredibly creamy, so I don't know how you could use this as a stand alone highlighter? The consistency is perfect for mixing in to other products. The shade itself is lovely, it adds a little warmth to your skin and the best thing is that it doesn't contain glitter, it's shimmery!

My order total came to £26.20 (including shipping) for this month, the most I have spent at Beauty Pie. When you add that to my previous purchases, my total comes to £72 and I have so many products to show for it. £70 would normally get me a foundation and a single highlighter of the same quality so I think that I am going to stick with Beauty Pie, at least for another three months to see what else they have to release! I have loved 80% of the products from them so far which for a single brand that only started this year is exceptional.

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Testing Drugstore Highlighters: MUA Make Up Academy by plasticloafer


Good Afternoon! I have decided to start a new series on my blog, testing out drugstore highlighters. I was recently in Superdrug and was swatching a couple of things and was so surprised at how good quality some of the items were. I am guilty of spending a lot of money on high end products, and I never usually reach for something from Superdrug or Boots so I decided to throw as many highlighters as I could find into my basket. Today we are starting with MUA Make Up Academy, who seemed to have the biggest range of highlighters but after googling them, I noticed that my local store didn't have quite a few of their products. I picked up what I could, and maybe after writing this post I will be ordering more. Let's get started.

First up is the MUA 'Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting Powders'. These currently come in two shades, Gold & Cashmere and cost £5 each. The packaging is quite different from a traditional powder, you actually twist the top which shaves a little bit of powder for you to use. I find this actually really handy as there is nothing worse than trying to pour out a tiny amount from a tub and then covering your knees in powder. The highlighter is incredibly pigmented, you only need a small amount to create a blinding glow! Honestly, I love this product, the formula is so soft and it blends out so quickly. Gold is a white gold (top), perfect for my skintone and Cashmere (bottom) is more of a copper shade which would be lovely on deeper skin.

Next we have the 'Undress Your Skin Shimmering Highlighters'. I could actually only get my hands on two shades of these, every other was sold out! They have seven shades available at this time and by the looks of it, they are really popular. They cost £3 each, and the two shades here are Radiant Cashmere (top) and Pink Shimmer (bottom). They did not feel gritty at all, and there was no fall out at all when I was swatching them. Radiant Cashmere is beautiful, I am always drawn to copper shades and this one is so shimmery and reflective. Pink Shimmer has quite a unique look, it reflects hot pink. It really reminds me of the new Becca Primastic Skin Perfector that I picked up a couple of weeks ago and for £3, I would probably suggest getting this one instead! I can imagine that the other shades are as good if the formula is the same throughout the range.

The 'Luxe Radiant Illumination Kit' is the palette of the 'Luxe' collection, this is £6 and I wasn't that impressed by it. I swatched the four shimmery shades and just found them to be extremely powdery and they just clumped up in the pan. The outcome is a soft highlight that just does nothing for me personally, its 'meh'. Compared to the other products that MUA has created, I think it's best to skip this one and get yourself a couple of the others for the same price.

Finally we have the 'Strobe & Glow' Highlighting kit which is £5. I have to explain with this one that it does come with a powder and a strobe cream, I was just a bit dim and didn't understand how to use the powder so I only swatched the strobe pan underneath. Saying that, I love it. The strobe balm is really soft and blends out so smoothly, its so reflective and is a pure white glow. If you are looking for an intense highlight then this is the one for you.

Overall I am so impressed with the highlighters from MUA, even though the palette didn't do anything for me, you can't knock the brand. For the prices that you are paying, it makes you reconsider paying £30 for a Becca powder when you can achieve the same result with something for a tenth of the price. I would love to try the other products that MUA offer after testing these out, have you seen their highlighting paper sheets? omg.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post and will be back for my next instalment. Make sure that you are following me for future posts and check out my instagram for daily updates.


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Kylighters: What is worse; the packaging, the pigment or the customer service? by plasticloafer


When you order a product, you expect it to be exactly what you paid for. But what happens when the item arrives to you damaged? According to Kylie Cosmetics, and I quote;

'Unfortunately, damage to product deco is inevitable over time, however, there is no damage to the product itself!

Please note that no replacements will be issued for products with damaged deco, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.'

I ordered three of the 'Kylighters' on their first launch, February 28th. Her company didn't send out any PR for this launch so not a single review was posted beforehand. Looking back, this was probably because the product was rushed and overall very poor, so the reviews would have heavily impacted the launch.

I started to get mixed feelings while waiting for my items to arrive, as many bloggers and youtubers started receiving their items damaged, covered in dirt and even with the highlighter pan missing. I have never ordered from Kylie Cosmetics before, and even I knew that her customer service was terrible. But I am a highlighter junkie, so I held out hope.

Yesterday, my parcel finally arrived (after paying an extra £20 in import charges) and after reading my 'Thanks for buying a lipkit' note in the package, I opened my Kylighters. French Vanilla, fell out of its carton. The glue on the back of the pan had obviously not been applied correctly and luckily I caught it before it hit the floor (I had flashbacks to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit incident from last week).

The next thing that I noticed was that on the top of the 'Cotton Candy Cream' box, it the name of the highlighter written on a label, instead of being printed directly onto the box. So naturally I peeled this back to reveal a different product name, 'First Date'. Is this a previous name for the highlighter and they couldn't be bothered to change the box? Or is it a reused box from an old product? I don't know, but it just seems so lazy. The box must cost them pence to produce, so why not just get new ones made?

I am not done yet. On the back of the 'French Vanilla' box, the label with ingredients and other info has alot of air bubbles, with bits of dirt stuck underneath. Honestly, where are they producing these products? How can this item, that isn't stuck into the box, and has dirt and air bubbles all over the back passed through quality control?

The only product that didn't have an issue was 'Salted Caramel', I used the word issue loosely. I have swatched the highlighters, and they are bad. The formula is beautiful, like velvet but the pigmentation is not there. I'm not going to include swatches, because I really don't want to bother with the highlighters anymore. I am so disappointed with what I received, and how the customer service is just fobbing their own customers off. I will not be buying anything from Kylie Cosmetics again, and I suggest you don't either.

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Nathan Dalby.

Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops: Halo, Blossom, Rose Gold by plasticloafer


So last year Cover Fx released the 'Custom Enhancer Drops' in six beautiful shades four were highlighters and two were bronzers. Liquid highlighters had never been created by such a well known brand and they literally took the world by storm. They could only be described as 'Liquid Metal' and left the skin a stunning glow. It took me months to get my hands on the shade 'Celestial' from Space.NK (obviously, the best shop on earth) and I think I just sat and poured it on the back of my hand for a good few hours before I managed to apply it to my was that pretty.

Now that 2017 has come around, Cover Fx has blessed us with three new shades and I was lucky enough to receive all of them a couple of days early to test out! So thank you Christopher and the team at Space.NK! They have been released today, March 1st and are priced at £34. So if you are like me and have a serious addiction to highlighters, then get yourself one or all of the drops here.

The three shades are:

Halo - Oh my god its holographic. A super bright white glow that has a blue/cool tone reflection. (Middle)

Blossom - Perfect for spring, a gorgeous pink tone. (Bottom)

Rose Gold - I don't think I need a explain this one, but I will. A deep copper/rose gold highlight. (Top)

With the three new shades, there is something for every complexion . Halo is perfect for fair skin, Blossom is quite universal and will work well on every skin tone and Rose Gold looks incredible on deeper skin.

For me, Halo has to be my favourite. It is the only highlight that I have ever tried that has a blue or cool undertone. It looks white when you apply it but when the light hits, get your sunglasses ready.

Cover FX also has an illuminating setting spray coming out soon, which I cannot wait to get my hands on and a new highlighting palette! So when they are released, and I have worked out how to do a review on a glowy setting spray? Then I will get another post up on here!

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Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Vol. II by plasticloafer


I have always been a huge fan of Tarte Cosmetics but living in the UK it can sometimes be a struggle to get certain products. Tarte is sold exclusively through QVC over here, which means that you are usually paying a bit of a premium to purchase something from them as they can charge what they like because it's the only place you can get it apart from the actual Tarte website! This does get quite annoying, a good example of this is the limited-edition Swamp Queen palette. On QVC this will set you back nearly £70 with delivery, but on the Tarte site it is only £34. So if like me, you are from the UK and are a beauty addict then I suggest shopping from the official site. They always have 20% off coupons and free delivery weekends so keep your eyes out! This weekend I received a delivery that I have been so excited for since I placed the order last Tuesday. The Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Vol. II is the second palette from this range. The first palette featured three shades, and received mixed reviews.  The problem was that one of the shades 'Filtered Light' was incredibly chalky and the formulation made it near enough impossible to work with. So with this release everybody has been asking; 'Is this palette what the first one should have been?'

Volume II has kept the same gorgeous packaging from the original, but now features four highlighting/strobing shades and I can confirm that they are all exceptional. The formulation is similar to an 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit', which means the powders are silky smooth and layer on top of each other with no effort. They don't settle into your pores and most importantly, they glow.

The four shades that you get are;

  • daylight (white gold)
  • skylight (pearl)
  • spotlight (champagne)
  • candlelight (rose gold)

The great thing about this palette is that as their is such a range of highlights, you can achieve so many different types of glow. If you are looking for a soft natural highlight then daylight is perfect, but if you need your cheekbones to be blinding then you can layer any of them to create a beautiful effect.  As the different shades are so build able, this means that this palette will work with any skin tone. I personally love 'Spotlight' and love to top that with a little 'Skylight' to add a super intense glow.

For me, this palette gets 5/5. The formulation is beautiful, they blends out effortlessly and the packaging is the best of any highlighter. For £34 you cannot complain, and I think this palette will remove the bad taste that the previous attempt left.

Thank you so much for reading and please subscribe for future posts!


Nathan Dalby


Best Of Beauty: Hourglass Cosmetics by plasticloafer


If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am obsessed with Hourglass. I first found them in Space.NK a couple of years ago and I decided to invest in one of their 'Ambient Lighting' powders. From that moment I was hooked, and over the years I have built up quite the collection of products. For this post, I am going to list and talk about the Hourglass products that stand out and are must haves within your makeup collection. So here goes...


The Hourglass 'Vanish Seamless Finish' Foundation Stick. I have to start with this product because after using it a couple of times, it has become my holy grail foundation that I use everyday. It took me so long to get my hands on this shade and it matches my skin perfectly. At £42 it is very expensive for a foundation, but I have never used anything like this. The application is so simple, and coverage is completely build able, you can lightly even out your complexion or build it up to a full coverage finish that will last all day. As it says in the name, it blends out seamlessly and the finish leaves your face looking and feeling soft and airbrushed. The foundation stick comes in 26 different shades, so you will definitely find something for your skintone. Overall I rate this 10/10, you will fall in love once you try it.


Next up is the 'Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder'. Strobing is the new contouring, and if you are looking for a subtle way to highlight your cheekbones and give extra dimension to your face then this is the powder for you. With all Hourglass powders, they are milled so finely that they don't settle into any imperfections and leave your skin feeling so silky. They come in four different shades that are named after types of light. So you purchase the one that you want to replicate;

• IRIDESCENT STROBE LIGHT: An illuminating pink powder imparting a soft highlight. • INCANDESCENT STROBE LIGHT: An opalescent pearl powder imparting a celestial highlight. This shade is now also available in a convenient travel size. • EUPHORIC STROBE LIGHT: A pearlescent beige powder imparting a neutral highlight. • BRILLIANT STROBE LIGHT: A shimmering gold powder imparting a lustrous highlight.


With all that light, you obviously need some depth.  The 'Ambient Lighting Bronzer' stands out to me as one of the best on the market. It does contain glitter, so if you are looking for something with a matte finish then this is not the product for you. Perfect to warm up your complexion or to give a subtle contour, this bronzer blends so smoothly that it almost feels like a liquid.


The 'Ambient Lighting Correcting' primer is the first of it's kind to correct light. It works amazingly as a primer to blur imperfections and brighten the complexion. Your makeup applies flawlessly over this primer and it leaves your skin glowing.  I have been complimented so many times when I have used this product, surely you can't get bored of people saying 'Wow, your skin looks amazing'?



The first thing you have to say about the Hourglass eyeshadow palettes is how gorgeous they are. The colours in each work together perfectly, and the pigmentation is spot on. One brush swipe will pick up so much product, and it doesn't crease or leave fallout on the eyelid. There is seven different palettes available, will all featuring natural, organic colours for a soft eye look. £56 may seem expensive for an eyeshadow palette, but just think of all the Instagram photographs!


Finally, I have the 'Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light'. This limited edition palette was first made available in September 2016, and features 5 brand new powders. You get two blushes, a bronzer and a ambient lighting and strobe powder. As will all Hourglass products, the packaging is beautiful and as it contains a full face of powders, it is great to throw into your makeup bag. I haven't put this product down since I bought it, and as you can see it barely looks like I have even used it!

As a blogger, I am always trying out and testing new products but I find myself going back to these staple products after a couple of weeks because I know how well they perform. I'm not going to lie, they are really expensive but if you slowly build up a collection they will last a long time. If you are new to Hourglass then I suggest picking up one of the 'Ambient Lighting Powders' so you can test them out and really get a feel for the types of product that they create. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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