Glossier Has Landed In The UK! / by Nathan Dalby

Guys, it's happened. Glossier has finally launched over here in the UK! So many of us have been waiting for this moment, to be able to try the products and be a part of the cult following. I was lucky enough to be sent a range press samples to try out before the launch so that I can give you my top picks for today! I suggest you open up their site in a separate tab and get your basket ready because I think I have a couple of faves already.


glossier 2 full.jpg

Right so I am going to follow the picture above from left to right and put a little * next to the products that are a favourite.

Priming Moisturiser (£29/$35) *

I haven't used a moisturising cream in so long, I usually stick to oils in the morning because they just work a lot better for my skin so I was a little sceptical about this when I opened it. It turns out, as per-usual that I was wrong. It is quite a thick cream but it melts instantly into your skin and instantly gave it hydration, which is perfect for me. There is a subtle lavender scent to the cream, which is pleasant and it did make my skin feel super soft. I wouldn't recommend using this as a stand alone primer, I still go in with my 'No Poreblem' afterwards just to help make my makeup stick properly. I did notice that my skin didn't dry out as it usually does by the end of the day, which is huge for me (dry skin problems) so I am going to keep using this cream. Love it.

Cloud Paint in Dusk (£15/$18)

This is a lovely product, but just not the right shade for my skintone. It is a cream blush that when you squirt onto the back of your hand you think 'Oh crap' because it looks incredibly pigmented and again, I was to quick to judge and was nicely surprised. It blends out so evenly and adds just the right amount of colour to your cheeks, I suggest using your fingers for this one because it just makes it so much easier. The shade Dusk just didn't work for me, I am very pale and as it is a warm tone orange/peach it just looked like a bit of bronzer had gone for a walk onto my cheeks. I am however going to purchase the shade Puff which is way more pink toned and suited for me. So overall, formula is perfect, but the colour just wasn't my cup of tea.

Boy Brow (£14/$16) *

Lewis and I have been fighting over this one, it has since gone missing so I do believe that it could be in his bag. It is amazing, end of. I have my brows tinted so I usually just go in with a clear brow gel to help the hairs stick into place but I have found myself using this every morning to help. The shade I have is Brown, and it just adds the perfect amount of product to your brows to add definition and shape them. Nothing to dramatic, it just helps to give you a lovely natural brow. 

Dew Effect Highlighter in Moonstone (£18/$22)*

I do love a cream highlighter, and this is another really good one to add to my collection. I currently use one of the Stila putty highlighters after concealer to give my skin a glow before I go in with powder but the shade is a bit to dark for me. This one has already replaced it. Moonstone doesn't have a colour to it, it is just a straight up glow which is what I have always wanted in a cream highlight. It does have added skincare benefits, like being moisturising and rich in Vitamin E but I do suggest using a brush or damp beauty blender to apply this with. If you use the stick then you will most likely take some makeup off your face, so just swipe a brush a couple of times across the product then apply to your cheeks and you will get a beautiful highlight.

Balm DotCom  (£10/$12) *If you have dry skin

A universal balm, who knew that we all needed one? If this was just a standard lip balm then I would have passed on it but the original balm (the one I am using), has Castor Seed Oil infused within it to really lock in moisture and to sooth the skin. I get dry skin on my elbows and I have been using this for the past few days after I shower to relieve the flaking and it has helped so much! It is nourishing on your lips, like most other balms but it works exceptionally well on your body, so if you suffer with flakey skin like me then this is a must.

Milky Jelly Cleanser (£15/$18)

I am a cleanser junkie. I own so many and I am more than happy to add this to my collection. Actually, this one is sat on the edge of my bath ready for me to use again tonight so we can safely say that I am really enjoying it. I prefer a thick cleanser, it annoys me when they are like water because I feel like they just don't do anything so with this one being like jelly, its perfect in that way. I applied this to my dry face and it took off every ounce of makeup on my skin (keep in mind that I don't wear eye makeup or lipstick) in seconds, and left my skin feeling so silky and smooth. It doesn't have a scent, which I love and it is a big bottle for £15. 

Overall, I can safely say that I am a huge fan of Glossier. There wasn't a single product that I would pass on (except the shade I have of the Cloud Paint) and the price for them is amazing. I am going on their site now to add some makeup to my collection, and if Lewis asks, just say that it is for research purposes.


Nathan Dalby