Beauty Pie: 10 Months On / by Nathan Dalby

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well.  I was looking through makeup drawer this morning and realised that I haven't posted about Beauty Pie in a while. I get a lot of questions asking me whether I still have a subscription or whether I still use the products, so if you would like to know then today is your lucky day!

Yes, I still have a subscription. I don't buy items every month (I like to save up my allowance then do a big order every couple of months) and yes, I still use the makeup! Like all brands, a couple of products have been a miss for me and I don't use those but I have five products that I use non-stop. 

Pro-Strobe Luminizer (£30, £5.12 with membership)

This is my favourite product, hands down. It is described as a highlighter but I use this all over my face as a finishing powder. I take a really fluffy powder brush, swirl it in the flower printed pan and lightly dust it all over my skin. It completely blurs all of my pores makes my skin look completely airbrushed and luminous. Honestly, I thought this was just a finishing powder until about 5 minutes ago when I was reading the description on the site. If you have this, and you have dry skin then try this once you have finished your makeup and I promise that your skin will look amazing. 

Super Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum (£70, £7.02 with membership)

Since I last spoke about Beauty Pie, they have expanded into the skincare world and in the past few days they have launched nail varnishes. I was really excited to try the skincare and I was lucky enough to be sent a little package in PR with a few items to try. This is my favourite, as it is so plumping, I use it before makeup and after a shower to instantly hydrate my skin. I have been using it for a few months now and I have noticed a huge difference, I actually think that I broke the moisture barrier on my skin (it is a long story) earlier this year and I know that this has really helped lock everything in. 

Pro- Glow Highlighter (£30, £5.46 with membership)

A 10/10 highlighter. If you love a seriously blinding glow then you need to add 3 of these to your basket right now. The powder has a marbled pattern so there is actually a number of different shades within the compact. Personally, I like to swirl my brush in the whole pan to get a bronzey shade with a bright white reflex. This was one of the first items that I picked up from Beauty Pie and as you can see in the photo above, I have barely touched the surface and the pattern is still in the powder.  If you are new to the brand then this has to be one of your first purchases.

One Wonder Powder (£26, £3.76 with membership) 

Best setting powder ever. I use this under my eyes and nose to set my concealer every morning. I don't like a matte finish so this really brightens my under eyes and gives my skin a really soft luminosity. If you have texture or visible pores then I really do recommend trying this out. It is a great powder to take out with you to touch up with if you get a little oily. 

Micro Mineral Serum Foundation (£32, £4.84 with membership)

This is an amazing foundation for the days when you look in the mirror and say 'oooh my skin is looking good today' or if you like a sheer cover. It is so blendable and has such a natural finish that it is your skin but better. It is buildable, so if you have pigmentation or a pimple then you can build it up to help cover. At the moment there is only eight shades of this foundation, which I am hoping they will expand in the future. 

Writing about these products and having the Beauty Pie tab open in my browser has made me realise how amazing the brand is. In just 10 months since their launch they have added over one hundred new products to their catalogue and kept their prices extremely low if you have the £10 monthly membership.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post and hopefully I have helped answer your questions about Beauty Pie.


Nathan Dalby